A complete map of tourist attractions in counties near Rongshui A complete map of tourist attractions in counties near Rongshui

Introduction: A complete list of tourist attractions in counties near Rongshui A complete list of tourist attractions in counties near Rongshui 1. A complete list of tourist attractions in counties near Rongshui 2. A complete list of tourist attractions in counties near Rongshui 3. What are the fun places to visit in Rongshui tourist attractions 4. Rongshui County Nearby attractions 5. Rongshui County travel guide 6. Rongshui County tourist attractions map 7. Rongshui travel guide must-see attractions 8. Rongshui travel map 9. Rongshui County’s top ten tourist attractions

1. Complete map of tourist attractions in counties near Rongshui

The sunrise and morning fog in April and May every year are the most beautiful and magical times, and the sunrise and sunset are also the most beautiful viewing times.

Rongshui Miao Autonomous County is affiliated to Liuzhou City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. It is located in the north of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and extends eastward from the Miaoling Mountains of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau.

The main tourist attractions are Beijiang, Yuanbao Mountain, Zhenxian Rock, Laozi Mountain, Longnv Valley and Yubu Village Dongxing Tourist Area.

2. Comprehensive pictures of tourist attractions in counties near Rongshui

1. Longnvgou Scenic Area

2. Yubu Style Tourist Resort

Reason for recommendation: Rongshui Miaoshan has beautiful and picturesque scenery, including towering Yuanbao Mountain, vast forest sea, waterfalls, deep pools and secluded caves

3. Yuanbaoshan

4. Rongshui Beijiang Scenic Area

5. Rongshui Laozi Mountain

6. Rongshui Miao Village

7. Beijiang

8. Peixiu Village

9. Shuanglonggou

10. Longbao Grand Canyon

3. What are the fun tourist attractions in Rongshui?

  1. Shuanglonggou Scenic Area is located in the back mountain of Guxuantun, Rongshui Town, northwest of Rongshui County, only three kilometers away from the center of the county. It is an extremely primitive forest park in northwest Guangxi. The entire forest area is about more than 10,000 acres. The various vegetations in the forest are well preserved, the rocks are beautiful, the ancient trees are towering, the two canyons and waterfalls in the forest are flying down, and the streams are flowing, forming a The reservoir is more than 100 acres, so it is called Shuanglonggou. Rolling hills, shrouded in clouds and mist, mountain streams…

  2. Beijiang Scenic Area is one of Liuzhou’s tourist attractions. Located in Rongshui Miao Autonomous Region. Beijiang was called Jijiang in ancient times and got its name because it flows through the backside of the county. It has a total length of 146 kilometers and runs between peaks and mountains. The main attractions include Beijiang Feihong, Miao Towers, Green Mountains and Lakes, Longevity Yingbin, Jiangjun Rock, Sky Cliff, Wangfu Cliff, Feiyun Cliff, Shimen Gorge, Shiyuan Ridge and Bamboo forest scenery, etc. Beijiang is the longest river in Rongshui County, originating from…

  3. Longnvgou Scenic Area (national AAAA-level scenic spot) is one of the main tourist attractions in Rongshui Miao Autonomous County. It is located in Sirong Township in the northwest of Rongshui Miao Autonomous County. It is located southwest of Yuanbao Mountain with an altitude of more than 2,086 meters. It is a national AAAA-level scenic spot. The scenic spot is also a demonstration site for agricultural tourism in the region, one of the ten most beautiful villages in Liuzhou City, and a Rongshui self-driving car camping site. It is a combination of natural landscape and cultural landscape…

4. Attractions near Rongshui County

The four seasons are full of beauty, and late autumn is the most beautiful. Summer is receding and maple leaves are quietly climbing up the branches. The most beautiful color in this season is yellow! The maple leaves are continuous and fiery red, beautiful and captivating! It’s time to see the maple leaves all over the mountains again. In the most beautiful autumn, the places to see maple leaves in Liuzhou include: Jianpanshan Stone Garden, Eshan Park, Queshan Park, Rongshui Miao Mountain, Rongshui Laozi Mountain, Panlong Mountain Park, Jiuwan Mountain, Huaguo Mountain, Liujiang Chengtuanbei We visited Maple Leaf Forest, Liujiang Water Source Maple Leaf Forest, Xicheng Ancient Village Shilin Village, etc. It was so beautiful to go in November!

5. Rongshui County Travel Guide

1. Since this is a travel guide to Xianhai Lake, of course, I will first introduce Xianhai Lake. The trickle of melted water from the ancient ice and snow in Minshan merges into the surging Fujiang River. It passes through Pingwu and Jiangyou, and flows into the Xianhai Lake through the Wudu Diversion Canal.

2. Water-friendly plank road: The Xianhai water-friendly plank road is built near the lake, integrating the scenery of the lake and mountains. When viewed from a distance, it looks like a dragon. Walking along it, it looks like a dragon entering the sea.

3. Forest: The land forest coverage rate reaches 90%, surrounded by mountains and bays, with a beautiful ecological environment and a remarkable lakeside forest vacation climate.

4. Fairy tree: Fairy tree is the iconic landscape of the scenic spot, famous for its mystery and beauty. You can write your wishes on a red cloth and hang it on the tree. It is said that the aura of the fairy tree can make wishes come true as soon as possible. Visitors may wish to try it.

5. Bird Island: This peninsula is the famous “Bird Island”. The main birds on the island are egrets, mandarin ducks, squirrels, turtle doves and cuckoos. Every spring and summer, tens of thousands of migratory birds breed here.

6. Rongshui County tourist attractions map

1. Jianhe New County

Jianhe Scenic Area is located in Jianhe County, Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, Guizhou Province. Known as the “holy water of Miao Township”, the radon-sulfur hot spring is 25 kilometers away from Jianhe County and located next to National Highway 320. Here, radon-sulfur hot springs, hundreds of miles of virgin forest, vast sea of ​​clouds, and majestic ten-mile long beach form a beautiful scenery in Jianhe Scenic Area.

Jianhe belongs to the subtropical monsoon climate zone, with neither severe cold in winter nor scorching heat in summer. It is rich in forestry resources and has a forest coverage rate of about 80%. Suitable for tourism in all seasons, it is known as “a pearl of eco-tourism and ethnic tourism in southeastern Guizhou. The garden within the park in the park province is a rising tourist attraction in southeastern Guizhou.” ) the main part of tourism development. Its beautiful mountains and rivers, charming scenery and rich resources make it a good place for tourism.

2. Wansheng Stone Forest

Wansheng Stone Forest Scenic Area is located in Shilin Town, Wansheng District, Chongqing, with a planned area of ​​4.7 square kilometers and 20 kilometers away from Wansheng City. It is a geopark-type natural scenic tourist area.

The Wansheng Stone Forest was deposited in the marine environment between 465 and 600 million years ago. It is about 200 million years older than the Lunan Stone Forest in Yunnan. It is the oldest stone forest in my country and is known as the “ancestor of the stone forest”. . Wansheng Stone Forest was under the jurisdiction of the Yelang Kingdom in ancient times. A group of Miao compatriots who are good at singing and dancing have lived here for generations. The splendid and colorful Miao customs have endowed the Stone Forest with rich ethnic customs and tourism characteristics, especially the annual “Mountain Hiking” “Hui” is an important festival of the Miao people held in Wansheng Stone Forest. Wansheng Stone Forest has been rated as a national AAAA-level tourist area and has won the title of “Top Ten Scenic Areas in Chongqing” for two consecutive years.

7. Must-visit attractions in Rongshui Travel Guide

Ho Chi Minh’s former residence Liuhou Scenic Area Liujiang scenery Liuzhou Provisional Government Site of the Republic of Korea Liuzhou Strange Stone City Jianpanshan Strange Stone Museum Panlong Twin Towers Longnvgou Maohe Park Rongshui Laozi Mountain-Laojun Cave Cultural District Rongshui Miao Mountain Nine Thousand Chickadees Landscape World Comes to the West Ancient Temple Zhang Chong Tomb Liu Ben Tomb Rong’an Qilou Ancient Style Tourist Area Liuhou Temple Ming and Qing Ancient Buildings East Gate Admiral’s Office Flying Tigers Memorial Garden Revolutionary Memorial Hall Dule Scenic Area Fountain Square Bailian Cave Luzhai Xiangqiao Scenic Area Sanjiang Dong Township Fengyu Bridge, Drum Tower Rong Andazhou – Hongchagou Scenic Area, Xiangshui Scenic Area, Rongshui Beijiang – Yuanbaoshan Scenic Area, Religious Tourism Spot, Liuzhou Sightseeing and Agricultural Tourism Area, Sanmenjiang National Forest Park, Shatang Forest Park, Jiangbin Park, East Gate Tower, Panlong Park, Bagui Stone Museum Bird Mountain Park Yufeng Mountain Scenic Area Dalongtan Scenic Area Eshan Park

8. Rongshui Tourism Map

Inland river in central Asia.

It originates from the Pamir Plateau and flows through the Turan Lowlands into the Aral Sea. The upper source is formed by the confluence of two rivers: the North Branch Naryn River. Originating from the northern foothills of the southern Tianshan Mountains in eastern Kyrgyzstan, it crosses the southwestern foothills of the Fergana Mountains in Kyrgyzstan from east to west, flows into the Fergana Basin, and joins the Naryn River before being called the Syr Darya River. It flows northwest through Tajikistan and Uzbekistan and enters the Turan Lowlands. After that, it basically runs along the northeastern edge of the Kyzyl Kum Desert, with almost no tributaries flowing in along the way, and finally flows into the Aral Sea.

It has a total length of 3,019 kilometers and a drainage area of ​​219,000 square kilometers. The average annual flow near the river mouth is about 446 cubic meters per second, and the annual runoff is 14.1 cubic kilometers. The upper reaches of the river flow through the mountains, and are mainly supplied by ice and snow meltwater and rainwater, and merge into the tributary Chirchik River near Tashkent. The river is turbulent and has abundant water resources, including the Toktogir Hydropower Station in Kyrgyzstan and the Kairakum Hydropower Station in Tajikistan. After entering the Turan lowland and entering the middle reaches, the Chardala Hydropower Station is built in Kazakhstan. Along the entire middle and lower reaches of the river, there are narrow oases. It is one of the important irrigated agricultural areas in Kazakhstan, with an irrigated area of ​​2.2 million hectares. Some sections of the entire river are navigable, and there are about four months of ice age every year.

9. Top ten tourist attractions in Rongshui County

80 yuan/person The glass plank road is located in the Shuanglonggou Scenic Area in Rongshui County, Liuzhou City. This scenic spot was newly opened on March 3 and attracted many tourists from both inside and outside the province ~ It is said that it was designed and built according to the scale of a 4A scenic spot, so the entrance fee Not cheap, 80 yuan/adult.