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1. Jinan travel guide encyclopedia

These scenic spots in Jinan are free of charge. The bus routes of Daming Lake Park in Lixia District are: No. 41, No. 11, No. 66, No. K109, No. K54, No. K98, and No. 777 to reach the scenic spots. Address of Huancheng Park: No. 2-1, Nanmen Street, Lixia District. Bus route: Take bus No. 5, 36, or 41 to get there. Address of Jiefang Pavilion: East side of Black Tiger Spring, across the moat from Black Tiger Spring. Opening hours: 8:00 to 18:00 every day in spring and summer; 9:00 to 17:00 every day in autumn and winter. Address of Pearl Spring: North of Pearl Spring Auditorium, Quancheng Road, Lixia District. Bus route: K50, 3, or 101 and get off at Tianditan Street Station. Qushuiting Street Address: Baihuazhou Address in the west of the jurisdiction of Daminghu Subdistrict Office in Lixia District (opposite to the south gate of Daming Lake) Address: East of Qushuiting Street in Lixia District, next to Wangfuchizi Address: Quancheng Park, No. 4, Wangfuchizi Street, Lixia District Bus route: Take No. 39, No. 48, No. 66, No. 85, No. 110, or No. K100 to get there. Fohuishan bus route: Take K169 or K145 to reach the scenic spot. Shandong Provincial Museum Address: No. 11899 Jingshi Road, Jinan City (2 kilometers east of Yanshan Overpass) Opening hours: 9:00 to 17:00 Jinan Forest Park, Huaiyin District Address: No. 321, Zhangzhuang West Road, Huaiyin District Bus route: Take It can be reached by No. 7, K107, etc. Address of Jixi National Wetland Park: The junction area between Huaiyin District and Changqing Pingan Street. Self-driving route: Turn left at the entrance of Yuqing Lake Reservoir in the west of Jingshi West Road, Runhua Automobile Park, and go straight. Warm reminder: Jixi Wetland Park plans to have a trial opening in mid-June. It is free during the trial opening period. It is currently under construction and admission is restricted. You can go and play during the trial opening period. Lashan Park Address: Lashan North Road or the middle section of Dangyang Road, Huaiyin District Shangshan Garden Park Address: northwest of the intersection of Duanxing West Road and Jingshi Road, Jinan City Bus route to Yingxiong Mountain Scenic Area, Shizhong District: Take No. 35 or No. 4 , 67 Road, 88 Road, K27 Road, K52 Road can be reached. Address of Zhongshan Park: Jinan Battle Memorial Hall, No. 132 Jingsan Road, Shizhong District Address: Tianqiao District, Yingxiong Mountain Scenic Area, Shizhong District Jinan Baili Yellow River Scenic Area Address: Yaoshan Park, No. 166 Huancheng Road, Luokou, Jinan City Bus route: Take the bus Bus No. 114 can reach Kuangshan Park. Address: No. 108, Jiqi Road. Bus routes: No. 77 and K149 can reach Queshan Longhu Wetland. Address: Queshan Longhu Wetland, Tianqiao District, Jinan City. Self-driving route: Take the Luokou Floating Bridge on the Yellow River and head north. It’s 8 kilometers away. Opening hours of Hongjialou Church in Licheng District: Monday to Friday 9:00—11:30 am; 1:30—4:00 pm. Saturday to Sunday 6:00am—7:30pm. Extended opening hours on holidays. Baihua Park address: No. 3361, Second Ring East Road, Licheng District, Hongjialou South Road, Dongmen. Bus routes: 110, 37, 75, K107, 46, 70, K93, etc. can be reached. Address of Huashan Scenic Area: Hehua Road, Licheng District Bus route: Take bus No. 97 to reach it.

2. One-day tour of Jinan tourist attractions

Try to answer this question: You can go to the No. 1 Spring Scenic Area in the World, which is a 5a-level scenic spot and includes famous scenic spots such as Daming Lake and Baotu Spring.

3. Jinan travel guide’s must-see attractions routes

Traveling in the mountainous areas of southern Jinan is a holy place to escape the summer heat. Here is a summary of ten summer resorts for reference only!

1. Jiurushan Waterfalls Scenic Area

2. Hongye Valley Ecological and Cultural Tourism Area

3. Jinan Shuilian Gorge Scenic Area

4. Jinan Botanical Garden

5. Jinan Zhangqiu Baimai Spring Scenic Area

6. Ziyuan Herb Source Scenic Area

7. Sanwangyu Scenic Area

8. Rafting in Yufu River Scenic Area

9. Zhongquan Rafting Scenic Area

4. Jinan tourist attraction guide self-driving tour

My personal ranking is 1 Laiwu Xueye Lake, 1 Changqing Huayi Brothers Movie Town, 3 Jinan Jiuding Pagoda Folk Customs Park, 4 Oulebao, 5 Dezhou Polar Ocean World, 6 Zibo Zhoucun Ancient Mall, 7 Zibo Liaozhai Garden ,, 8 Mount Tai, 9 Tai’an Dongping Lake Scenic Area, 10 Jinan Lingyan Giant Buddha Mountain Scenic Area. Xueye Lake in Laiwu has the most beautiful scenery. The movie town and Jiuding Pagoda have national costumes and real-life performances. Zibo’s Liaozhai Garden and ancient shops return to their primitive state, and the Polar Ocean World is comparable to the one in Qingdao

5. Must-visit attractions in Jinan City travel guide

The mountainous scenery in southern Jinan is beautiful, and every scenic spot is unforgettable. Anyone who likes landscapes can go. Personally, I think the most beautiful place to visit is Red Leaf Valley. This is seasonal, so you have to go there in spring and autumn. After all, you have to look at the red maple leaves to feel it.

In addition, the Jiuru Mountain Waterfall Group is also rare. There are countless large and small waterfalls in the scenic area, the ethnic customs of Jiuding Pagoda, Jinxiang Mountain in Jiulian Gorge Scenic Area, and free front teeth and small front teeth. Yushui Gallery and Ding Jiayu each have their own merits.

6. Jinan tourist attractions

Jinan City, referred to as “Ji”, also known as “Quancheng”, is the capital of Shandong Province, a sub-provincial city, a central city and a megacity in the southern wing of the Bohai Rim region, and the political, cultural, educational, economic, transportation and scientific and technological center of Shandong Province. . It is the headquarters of the Army Agency of the Northern Theater Command of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, the urban agglomeration of Shandong Peninsula and the core city of Jinan Metropolitan Area. Let’s introduce the top ten tourist attractions in Jinan City and see what fun and must-see tourist attractions there are in Jinan, Shandong.

1. Thousand Buddha Mountain

Qianfo Mountain Scenic Area is 285 meters above sea level. Together with Baotu Spring and Daming Lake, it is one of the three major scenic spots in Jinan. The main attractions are Wanfo Cave, Qianfo Cliff, Guanyin Garden, Qianlou Cave, Xingguo Temple, Eighteen Arhats, Reclining Buddha, and Longquan. Cave, Maitreya Garden. In addition, the Qianfoshan Mountain Fair is usually held on February 2, March 3, and September 9, lasting 7-15 days each time. During the period, there are crosstalk, gongs and drums, and drama performances, as well as various snacks and practical items for sale. It is a great place for leisure and entertainment. ideal place to go. Address: No. 18, Jing 11th Road, Lixia District, Jinan City, Shandong Province

2. Zhongquan Rafting

The total length of Zhongquan Rafting is about 4 kilometers. Among the natural rivers with a height of 90 meters, 80% of the rivers surround the green mountains, allowing you to truly experience walking through the green mountains and green waters. It allows you to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city and immerse yourself in the embrace of nature. In the natural mountain forest. The scenic spot is also equipped with a water play area, amusement area and passenger service hall, with free warm water showers. It provides tourists with service conditions for rafting, eating, traveling and playing. It is a tourism and entertainment place that combines ecology and fashion sports. It is a multi-functional ecological scenic spot integrating self-driving sightseeing, food and leisure, rafting and scenery appreciation. Address: Zhongquan Village, Caishi Town, Licheng District, Jinan City, Shandong Province

3. Jinxiang Mountain

Jinxiang Mountain consists of Jinxiang Mountain Paradise, Jinxiang Mountain Ski Resort, Jinxiang Mountain Development Training Center and Jinxiang Mountain Conference and Resort Center. It is a large-scale comprehensive scenic spot integrating tourism and leisure, conference vacation, development training and winter skiing. Among them, Jinxiangshan Park projects include Ice Sculpture Park, Happy Valley, Rainbow Valley, Xiaoyao Valley, Water Park, CS Field Base, etc., which include unique large-scale video game projects such as Century Flying Saucer, Spaceship, and Crazy Track, as well as other participatory, There are more than 200 kinds of interactive attractions. Jinxiangshan Ski Resort has many beginner, intermediate and advanced ski trails and is the largest ski resort in Jinan. The Jinxiangshan Development Training Center is a place specially designed for companies and groups to carry out team building. The base is equipped with 2 sets of mountain development facilities, both of which are built on the top of the mountain. It is a development base standing on the top of the mountain. Address: Merchant Village, Zhonggong Town, Licheng District, Jinan City, Shandong Province

4. The best spring in the world

The No. 1 Spring Scenic Spot in the World has a total area of ​​3.1 square kilometers, consisting of “one river (moat), one lake (Daming Lake), three springs (the three major spring groups of Baotu Spring, Black Tiger Spring, and Wulongtan) and four gardens (Baotu Spring Park, Ring It is a tourist attraction integrating unique natural landscapes and profound historical and cultural heritage. Baotu Spring, Daming Lake, and Qianfo Mountain are known as the three major scenic spots in Jinan. Baotu Spring is the symbol of the spring city of Jinan. It is known as “you can’t visit Jinan without visiting Baotu Spring”; Daming Lake has beautiful scenery, with vast lake light, distant mountains, lotus waves in summer, and smoke in spring. Driving in the boat makes you feel relaxed and happy. Address: No. 1, Baotuquan South Road, Lixia District, Jinan City, Shandong Province

5. Jinan Century Park

Jinan Century Park features dreamy cartoon castles, large playgrounds, and European-style buildings. It is a comprehensive tourist resort integrating tourism and vacation, large playgrounds, conference accommodation, and development training. The cartoon castle is full of the atmosphere of ancient European fairy tales. The steel castle, Santa Claus house, Snow White house, colorful house and love house are a happy paradise for children. In The Wizard of Oz, you can see lifelike dinosaurs, Bugs Bunny, The Lion King, Donald Duck, Tin Man, Scarecrow, Cinderella’s Pumpkin, Poker Soldiers, Cartoon Band and other familiar characters or stories from cartoons. In the playground, there are thrilling white water spinners, hurricane flying chairs, jumping clouds, and rainbow spaceships; there are cheerful and dynamic rotating bees, circus trains, and brave fire brigade; there are childlike fruit worm slides; and there are free and comfortable rides. Large and small cruise ships. Address: Under the West Dam of Wohushan Reservoir, Licheng District, Jinan City, Shandong Province

6��Jinan Wildlife World

Jinan Wildlife World is located in Zhangqiu District and is one of the most fun places in Jinan. The park is divided into two parts, the north and the south. The north is a walking tour area and the south is a car tour area. The walking tour area is divided into “themed” displays, including the Birdsong Flower Valley, the Auspicious Elephant Territory, the Tiger Roaring Valley, the Ecological Performance Field, the Forest Kingdom, the Panda House, the Leopard Trail, the Mongoose Secret Room Adventure, the Impression of the Green Dragon, the Hippo Rhinoceros, It consists of 12 areas including Waiwai Cat Parent-child Paradise and the Wizard of Oz. The ride tour area is divided into “geographical habitats” and consists of five areas: African grasslands, alpine mountains, Australian mountain forests, wild areas, and Asian grasslands. All kinds of rare and protected animals are raised in a combination of free-range and captive breeding. There are more than 200 species and nearly 3,000 heads (only). Address: Bucun Street, Zhangqiu District, Jinan City, Shandong Province

7. Jiurushan Waterfalls

Jiurushan Waterfall Group covers an area of ​​36 square kilometers, creating a core landscape of “mountains, waterfalls, stacks, streams and pools”, forming a unique natural ecological landscape. When spring comes in Jiuru, the tender grass begins to grow, and everything flourishes. Hundreds of trees bloom with new green, and dozens of flowers bloom buds, bringing a sense of vitality. In summer, Jiuru Mountain is covered with green, as emerald as emerald, and the vegetation is the most beautiful. Dense; after autumn, the trees on Jiuru Mountain are all red, and the forests are dyed with colorful colors; when winter comes and the heavy snow begins to fall, Jiuru Mountain is covered in silver, which is particularly eye-catching. The scenic spot is rich in activities, and some of the more distinctive ones include the Little White Shoes Music Camping Festival, the Nine Party Festival, the Jiurushan Dairy Sheep Festival, the Jiurushan Red Maple Festival, and the Jiurushan Rose Festival. Address: Huluyu Village, Xiying Street, Licheng District, Jinan City, Shandong Province

8. Xueye Lake

Xueye Lake Scenic Area is a vast area with sparsely populated areas, rich products, simple folk customs and abundant tourism resources. Here is not only the ancient Qi Great Wall dating back more than 2,500 years, but also Fangqian Village, a model of socialist new rural construction in the new era, and the famous Kowloon Grand Canyon. The Xueye Lake base has a wealth of expansion facilities and equipment. Combined with high-altitude projects such as broken bridges, ladders, and horizontal bars, the base’s high-altitude training projects have been enriched. Facilities such as back-falling platforms and survival walls have also been newly built and put into use, and supporting construction of large-scale outdoor venues and Bonfire party base, etc. can meet the various play needs of tourists. Address: Laiwu District, Jinan City, Shandong Province

9. Nine-top Pagoda Chinese National Joy Park

Jiudingta Chinese National Happy Park is more than 20 kilometers away from Jinan City. It is a large-scale interactive original ecological cultural tourism area that integrates Chinese ethnic customs, scenic spots, waterfalls, amusement adventures, a series of live drama performances and leisure vacations. The park brings together 16 ethnic minorities in China, including Dai, Zhuang, Tibetan, Yi, Wa, and Mosuo, and 6 Qilu folk houses, including Quancheng people, Taishan people, Huanghe people, Yimeng people, Jiaodong people, and Weishanhu people, showing their respective The six major cultures include residential architecture, folk customs, songs and dances, clothing, catering and folk crafts of ethnic minorities and different regions of Qilu. Address: Licheng District, Jinan City, Shandong Province

10. Shuilian Gorge

Shuilianxia Scenic Area is an ecologically comprehensive cultural tourism area integrating sightseeing, vacation and leisure, health care, catering and accommodation, conference reception, and development training. It is one of the most interesting tourist attractions in Jinan. The scenic spot is famous for its high mountains, dangerous gorges, strange rocks, mountain springs, waterfalls, and peach blossom jellyfish. It is known as the “top of the spring city and the source of Baotu”. When traveling here, in addition to admiring the natural scenery of Shuilian Gorge with beautiful mountain springs and clusters of waterfalls, you can also experience the expanded infrastructure, including broken bridges, high-altitude bar grabs, giant ladders, graduation walls, back-breaking platforms, team hats, There are more than 100 projects such as team map, threesome, interpersonal relationships, obstacle crossing, etc. Address: Licheng District, Jinan City, Shandong Province

7. Jinan tourist attractions

Jinan in autumn is a beautiful scene of mountains and rivers. Speaking of autumn tourist attractions, there are many places worth recommending, but there is no fixed ranking of which place is first or second. For example, the Red Leaf Valley in the southern mountainous area, Qianfo Mountain Scenic Area, Baotu Spring, Daming Lake, Zhangqiu Baimai Spring, the newly built Fohui Mountain Scenic Area, Qingtong Mountain Grand Canyon in the southern mountainous area, Shiguzhai Scenic Area, Longdong Scenic Area, Golden Landscape County and so on, these are all good places.

8. Tickets for must-see attractions in Jinan travel guide

Tickets are 55 yuan. Impression Jinan·Quan World is a magnificent visual feast. Shopping and entertainment are all available. Whether you like to browse brand boutiques or enjoy affordable and novel small night stalls, you will be satisfied here.

The streetscapes such as the characteristic sculptures are lit up with colorful lanterns, and the buildings in the east and west buildings are dressed in shining clothes. Every street scene is worth taking a moment to remember. There will also be a musical fountain show here at night to satisfy children’s desire to play in the water.