Moganshan Scenic Area Route Map Moganshan Scenic Area Route Map

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1. Mogan Mountain Scenic Area Route Map

Suzhou is about 150 kilometers from Moganshan, and it takes about an hour and a half by car.

If you are traveling by car, we recommend the following routes:

Suzhou – Sanxiang Road – Xihuan Road – Xihuan Road Elevated – Youxin Road – S58 Shanghai-Changzhou Expressway – G15W/Suzhou/Nantong/Hangzhou Exit – G15W Changtai Expressway – G50 Shanghai-Chongqing Expressway – G25 Changshen Expressway – G104/ Linghu/Daixi Exit—No. 104—Sanmo Line—Yuxin North Street—Moganshan, Deqing, Zhejiang

2. Moganshan Scenic Area Map Tour Route Map

The total self-driving distance from Jinan to Moganshan is about 879.4 kilometers, the journey takes about 11 hours, and the toll is about 390 yuan. Mogan Mountain is a key tourist attraction and one of the four major summer resorts. The ticket price is 80 yuan. There are two self-driving routes from Jinan to Moganshan, one is the Beijing-Taiwan Expressway and the other is the Beijing-Shanghai Expressway. You can also choose to take the high-speed rail.

3. Traffic map of Mogan Mountain Scenic Area

Wuzhen is about 300 kilometers away from Mogan Mountain. Wuzhen is located in the northeast of Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province. Wuzhen is a typical Jiangnan water town with a large number of Jiangnan residences. At the same time, Wuzhen’s economy is very developed and it has a large textile industry. Mogan Mountain is located in the west of Deqing County, Zhejiang Province. It is a traditional summer resort with beautiful mountains and clear waters. It is also a national scenic spot. Moganshan and Wuzhen are about three hours’ drive apart.

4. Pictures of Mogan Mountain Scenic Area Route

No tickets required!

Mogan Mountain has rolling hills and beautiful scenery. The scenic area covers an area of ​​43 square kilometers. Although it is not as majestic as Mount Tai or as steep as Mount Huashan, it is famous for its sea-like bamboos, clear springs, dotted villas, The charming scenery in different seasons is famous in Jiangnan, and it enjoys the reputation of “the first mountain in Jiangnan”.

5. Moganshan tourist map route

There is no Mogan Road in Hangzhou, only Moganshan Road.

6. Mogan Mountain Scenic Area Map Route

The total distance from Hangzhou to Moganshan is about 53.5 kilometers. Driving directions:

1. Driving plan in Hangzhou 1) Start from the starting point in the southeast direction, drive 100 meters along Hushu South Road, turn left into Huancheng North Road 2) Drive 1.3 kilometers along Huancheng North Road, cross the Zhonghe Road overpass, and head towards Shangtang In the direction of the elevated/circular north line, turn right and enter the Zhonghe Overpass 3) Drive along the Zhonghe Overpass for 210 meters, cross the Zhonghe Road Overpass, turn right into the Zhonghe Elevated 4) Drive along the Zhonghe Overpass for 70 meters, cross the Zhonghe About 80 meters after the Zhonghe Road overpass, go straight and enter the Zhonghe Elevated. 5) Drive along the Zhonghe Elevated for 170 meters, cross the Zhonghe Road overpass, and go straight into the Shangtang Elevated. 6) Drive along the Shangtang Elevated for 11.9 kilometers, and then cross the Majiao Yang Bridge for about 1.1 kilometers. , go straight onto the Shangtang Elevated Highway

2. Drive along Shangtang Elevated Highway for 280 meters and go straight into Changshen Expressway

3. Drive along the Changshen Expressway for 21.7 kilometers, at the Deqing/Moganshan/S304 exit, turn slightly right and enter the Deqing Interchange Overpass

4. Drive along the Deqing Interchange for 570 meters, pass the Deqing Interchange for about 980 meters, and go straight into Deqing Avenue.

5. Driving plan in Huzhou City 1) Drive along Deqing Avenue for 2.7 kilometers, go straight into Beihu East Street 2) Drive along Beihu East Street for 3.5 kilometers, turn right into Zhiyuan North Road 3) Drive along Zhiyuan North Road for 1.1 kilometers, and cross the right After about 140 meters of Wuhui Mountain on the side, turn left into Sanmo Line 4) Drive along Sanmo Line for 7.1 kilometers, turn right into Yuxin North Street 5) Drive along Yuxin North Street for 170 meters, turn left into Yucai Road 6 ) Drive along Yucai Road for 100 meters and arrive at the end point. Map details: