Splendid China Folk Village Attractions Self-driving Tour Splendid China Folk Village How to Take a Car

Introduction: Self-driving tour of Splendid China Folk Village Attractions How to take the Splendid China Folk Village by car 1. How to take the Splendid China Folk Village 2. From which subway exit does the Splendid China Folk Village exit 3. At which subway exit is the Splendid China Folk Village 4. Splendid China Folk Village Contact number 5. Location of Splendid China Folk Village 6. Guide to Splendid China Folk Village 7. Telephone number of Splendid China Folk Village 8. How to get to Splendid China Folk Village by subway 9. Can I go to Splendid China Folk Village in the afternoon? 10. Splendid China Folk Customs Village ticketing phone number

1. How to get to Splendid China Folk Village by bus

Window of the World and Splendid China Folk Culture Village can be visited in one day. Folk Culture Village during the day and Window of the World at night. Shenzhen Window of the World is located on Shennan Avenue, Shenzhen Bay Community, Nanshan District. With the purpose of promoting world culture, it brings together world wonders, historical relics, ancient and modern scenic spots, and folk song and dance performances into one garden, creating a wonderful and wonderful world. The Window of the World scenic spot is divided into five continents, and together with World Plaza, World Sculpture Garden, International Street, and Jurassic World, it forms a man-made theme park in various forms. In the China Folk Culture Village, you can see the Yunnan Stone Forest, Hainan Coconut Grove, Nanbin Ancient Banyan Tree, Thousand-Hand Thousand-Eyed Guanyin, Huizhou Archway Group and other landscapes. In the scenic area, there are undulating mountains, waterfalls, meandering green water, and boat races. Visitors can visit the Folk Culture Village by car, on foot, or by boat.

2. From which subway exit does Splendid China Folk Village exit?

Bus line: Metro Line 11 → Line 1, the total distance is about 23.6 kilometers 1. Walk about 120 meters from Shenzhen Baoan International Airport to the Airport Station 2. Take Metro Line 11 and go through 3 stations to Qianhaiwan Station 3. Take Line 1, after 8 stations, arrive at OCT Station 4. Walk about 590 meters to Splendid China Folk Village

3. At which subway station is Splendid China Folk Village located?

The nearest subway station to Shenzhen Happy Valley is Window of the World-Subway Station (Luobao Line). When you walk out of Exit A of the Window of the World subway station, you can see the big sign of “Happy Valley”. Follow Shennan Avenue and then Qiaocheng West Street and walk 500 meters to Shenzhen Happy Valley. ; Opposite Happy Valley is Shenzhen Window of the World, and nearby are Folk Village, Splendid China, Garden Expo Park, and Happy Coast.

4. Splendid China Folk Village contact number

Tickets are 120 yuan. You only need to buy one ticket for the Splendid China and Folk Village attractions. The performances in each village of the Folk Village are free. The opening and closing times are: 9:00–21:30 (Splendid China closes at 18:00). Most performances in the Folk Culture Village are arranged in the afternoon. When entering the gate, there is a guide map that you can take by yourself. Generally, there are relatively few programs in the morning, but starting at 2:00 p.m., there will be many programs. Some programs are chargeable. At around 5:00 pm, there will be a viewing of “Oriental Dresses” at the Impression China Theater. VIP is RMB 80/person and ordinary is RMB 30/person. You can arrange to go to Splendid China in the morning and visit the Folk Culture Village in the afternoon. Good luck!

5. Location of Splendid China Folk Village

Half price for seniors aged 65 (inclusive) to 69 (inclusive) (with original ID card).

You can appreciate the unique customs of China’s 56 ethnic groups. You can see the colorful ethnic minority costumes, the architectural styles of 24 villages and various folk performances, which are dizzying.

Its 24 villages are all built at a ratio of 1:1, giving people an immersive feeling. The architectural styles of the villages of ethnic minorities are even more unique, such as the Stone Village of the Buyi people, the wooden houses of the Mosuo people, and the bamboo houses of the Dai people. Buildings, Mongolian yurts, Tibetan lamasery, etc., people took photos from time to time.

There are many participating projects in the park that you can experience personally, such as awning boats, wooden boats, Dulong zip lines, horse riding, archery, etc. For the performance schedule and performance introduction, you can check the official website link in advance.

6. Splendid China Folk Village Tour Guide

Recommended tour routes in the park include the Happy and Passionate China Tour: Splendid China → Chime Bell Hall → Folk Village → Uyghur Village → Tibetan Village → Mongolian Yurt → Folk Customs Drifting → Korean Houses → Li Village → Wa Village → Mosuo Village → Dong Village → Miao Village → Center Theater → Large-scale Horse Fighting → Phoenix Square Family Tour to China: Splendid China → Chime Bell Hall → Folk Village → Uyghur Village → Tibetan Village → Mongolian Yurt → Folk Customs Drifting → Wa Village → Mosuo Village → Dong Village → Miao Village → Central Theater → Large-scale horse battle → Romantic and warm China tour in Phoenix Square: Splendid China → Chime Bell Hall → Folk Village → Uyghur Village → Tibetan Village → Large-scale horse battle → Wa Village → Mosuo Village → Central Theater → Phoenix Square

7. Telephone number of Splendid China Folk Village

Splendid China is a tourist attraction in Shenzhen. It is a tourist attraction that is a scaled-down version of the famous scenic spots in China. It is not the same place as the Folk Village.

8. How to get to Splendid China Folk Village by subway

To get to Splendid China in Shenzhen, take the subway and get off at:

Take Line 1 and get off at “OCT” station, then take Exit “D” to exit the station.

Bus routes:

1. Take sightseeing bus No. 1 or No. 101 from the train station

2. Take bus 327 from the airport directly to Splendid China

3. Take the bus from Luohu (train station, Luohu Port) to Futian (Huanggang Port), get off at “Konka Group” station, cross the overpass and walk 100 meters west.

4. Take the bus from Nantou or Shekou direction and get off at “Splendid China” station.

Play guide:

1. It is best to purchase travel accident insurance before departing for Shenzhen Splendid China so that you can receive timely assistance if an accident occurs.

2. Try to bring as little cash as possible during your trip to Shenzhen Splendid China. Do not put money in your luggage and keep it close to you. It is best to go shopping in regular stores and ask for proof of purchase.

3. Important documents such as ID card, credit card, and air and ship tickets must be carried with you and kept properly. Before leaving for Shenzhen Splendid China, it is best to make a copy of each copy and put it in your handbag, and put the original copy in your underwear pocket. Don’t agree easily when someone checks your ID. You should report it to the team leader for handling. If the team leader is not present, you can ask the other party to show their ID card or work ID, otherwise they will be refused. If the other party is a police officer, you should also write down his ID number, badge number and car number.

4. During the Shenzhen Splendid China tour, tourists should keep all supporting documents that may be needed, such as travel contracts, travel invoices, attraction tickets, medical documents, etc., and do not rely solely on verbal promises. When necessary, consumers can record the negotiation process with travel agencies in the form of audio recordings for later use. If you encounter infringement, you must promptly report it to travel agencies, consumer associations, tourism quality supervision institutes and other institutions.

9. Is it okay to go to Splendid China Folk Village in the afternoon?

1. Those over 65 years old must bring their ID cards and can buy half-ticket or free tickets;

2. You need to show your ID card when using the Splendid China Scenic Area employee electronic ticket;

, valid on the entry date specified at the time of purchase. One-time use, you need to purchase an additional ticket after leaving the park and re-entering the park;

  2. Affected by epidemic prevention and control, indoor and outdoor performances in scenic spots and projects and facilities that may cause tourists to gather at close range are suspended;

  3. Opening hours: 10:00~18:00. The opening and closing times are for reference only. According to the weather conditions of the day, the on-site announcement of the scenic spot shall prevail.

  【For people】

  Suitable for people above 1.5 meters tall.


  1. Same-day tickets cannot be purchased, please purchase them at least one day in advance;

  2. When purchasing tickets on all online platforms, the same ID number is limited to 1 ticket, and the same mobile phone number is limited to 5 tickets;

  3. Please fill in your mobile phone number and ID number accurately when purchasing. Any mistakes cannot be modified.


  1. Bring your original ID card and SMS verification code to the ticket window at Splendid China No. 6 to exchange for tickets and enter the park.

  2. If you purchase multiple tickets in one order, please enter the park together. Split verification will not be accepted.

  3. Entry time: 10:00~17:00.

10. Splendid China Folk Village ticket sales phone number

Splendid China and China Folk Culture Village are two major scenic spots under the jurisdiction of Shenzhen Splendid China Development Co., Ltd. In order to facilitate tourists’ visit and management, the two parks were merged into one on New Year’s Day in 2003. You only need one ticket to enjoy both parks. Splendid China is a large-scale cultural theme park jointly established by Hong Kong China Travel International Investment Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town Co., Ltd. It is located on the bank of the beautiful Shenzhen Bay. It is the largest and richest real-life miniature scenic spot in the world, covering an area of ​​450 acres and is divided into two parts: Splendid China and Folk Culture Village.