Where to go for parent-child travel in Shenzhen

Shenzhen’s tourist attractions include: Window of the World, Eastern Overseas Chinese Town, Shenzhen Happy Valley, Splendid China Folk Village, and Dameisha Seaside Park.

(1) Window of the World, as its name suggests, is a theme park that displays the world’s famous attractions, with miniatures of world-famous attractions inside. In addition, there are also custom performances from all over the world, such as Japanese tea ceremony, African song and dance show, etc., waiting for you to watch. The scenic area is divided into World Square, Asia Area, Oceania Area, Europe Area, Africa Area, America Area, Sculpture Park and International Street according to the world’s regional structure and tourist activity content. The general tour sequence is: World Square (entrance)-Asia Zone-Oceanic Zone-Africa Zone-American Zone-European Zone-Sculpture Park, International District-World Square (Exit).

(2) Eastern Overseas Chinese Town is a large-scale ecological resort with beautiful scenery, including Daxia Valley Ecological Park, Chaxi Valley Leisure Park, Yunhai Valley Sports Park, theme hotel group, Dahuaxing Temple, Tianlu Real Estate and other projects. Among them, The Heroes Valley and Tea Creek Valley theme parks are its core areas and are good places for leisure and vacation.

(3) Shenzhen Happy Valley is located in Dujuan Hill, OCT, Shenzhen. It is a modern theme park with the largest investment and the most advanced facilities in China. It is also one of the “Top Ten Theme Parks in Asia-Pacific”. The whole park is divided into nine theme areas: Plaza de España, Magic Castle, Adventure Mountain, Gold Mine Town, Shangri-La Snowland, Hurricane Bay, Sunshine Coast, Happy Hour and Maya Water Park.

(4) Splendid China Folk Village consists of two parts: Splendid China and China Folk Village. The former has many miniatures of China’s famous landscapes, allowing you to “travel through China in one day”. The latter has 24 villages with buildings where you can experience folk customs and watch folk performances of 56 ethnic groups.

(5) Dameisha Seaside Park is located in the eastern part of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, on the coast of the South China Sea. It is surrounded by mountains on three sides and faces the sea on one side. The 1,800-meter open beach in the middle is the longest beach in Shenzhen. The park has a vibrant subtropical seaside scenery. Shenzhen citizens and foreign tourists like to come here to enjoy the leisure time on the seaside.