Hotel Internet Marketing Hotel Internet Marketing Methods

Introduction: Hotel Internet Marketing Hotel Internet Marketing Methods 1. Hotel Internet Marketing Methods 2. The Role of Hotel Internet Marketing 3. Hotel Internet Marketing Strategies 4. How Hotel Companies Conduct Internet Marketing 5. How to Do Hotel Internet Marketing 6. Economic Hotel Internet Marketing 7. The main online marketing methods of domestic hotels 8. The development of hotel online marketing

1. Hotel online marketing methods

With the rise of content websites such as Airbnb, users are increasingly seeking more intimate travel experiences, and some luxury hotel groups that were originally well-behaved are also feeling the crisis. However, Marriott Hotels can cope with it easily because they have already laid out content marketing and have always been known as “social Internet celebrities” abroad.

David Beebe, content marketing leader of Marriott International, said: “Marriott is a pioneer in the field of content marketing. We hope to attract a new generation of travelers in a new way by creating fashion and entertainment content that allows customers to see life. Our range of luxury hotel brands.”

2. The role of hotel online marketing

1. Profitability of e-commerce is fundamental to hotels. If we want to speed up the informatization process of the hotel industry, we should first start with projects that can create or improve economic benefits for hotels. It is no longer difficult to establish a global hotel room reservation network system based on the Internet.

Whether you are a group hotel, chain hotel or independent hotel, you can join as a member of this system and enjoy the global network room allocation system. The global network room allocation system can be accessed through the Internet.

2. Intelligent management “Intelligent hotel management” as a comprehensive concept has brought huge changes in business management concepts to the hotel industry.

Although there are a large number of high-level technical talents in our country at this stage, most of them are engaged in high-paying technical fields. However, there is a very lack of service-oriented technical talents at the service industry level. Therefore, it is necessary to popularize employee information knowledge in hotels. Four.

The main reason for correcting this problem is that there is a mismatch between technical functions and hotel needs. Many of the current management systems cannot solve the key problems faced by hotels. The management decision-making layer has no overall plan and allows developers to lead the way. There is no consistency in interests between suppliers and hotels. TV brightness, audio volume, room temperature and bathroom water temperature can be automatically adjusted according to each guest’s preferences.

3. Hotel Internet Marketing Strategy

  Hotel online sales is hotel marketing. That is to say, through various channels on the Internet, try to collect information about banquets, conferences, receptions or business activities, etc., and then communicate and negotiate with the organizers, inform the other party of the advantages and conditions of your hotel, and finally reach an agreement to make the other party arrive. Hotel to host or consume. The salary of marketing personnel is generally linked to the marketing tasks assigned to them by the hotel. If the tasks are completed well, the salary will be higher, and if the tasks are not completed well, the salary will be lower. In addition, there will be great differences depending on the region. As for clothing, each department in the hotel will have its own work clothes, but not all marketing staff must wear suits. This will change depending on the season. Generally speaking, work clothes are required in the hotel, but not when going out.

4. How hotel companies conduct online marketing

1. Pave the way for personalized service design

According to the survey, the consumption needs of hotel guests in the 21st century will be more personalized, innovative and changeable. On the one hand, online hotels allow customers to know the location, price and type of the hotel they have booked in advance; on the other hand, hotels can better obtain customers’ interests and preferences from online information platforms, and tailor their services to customers’ personalized needs and their own needs. The ability to re-integrate hotel products, comprehensively improve customer service and hotel management, fully reflect the characteristics of products jointly designed by hotels and customers, and meet the personalized needs of customers to the greatest extent.

2. Build a platform for the hotel’s sustainable development and brand

The hotel’s online marketing is a strategic consideration of the future customer source market. It is a need for the hotel to compete in the market, achieve sustainable development of the hotel, and establish hotel brand awareness. Through the Internet, guests can quickly and easily obtain a very detailed description of the hotel. Not only the basic information of the hotel is described, but also the hotel’s transportation, room types and prices, catering, entertainment, and service facilities have a special database description. In this way, hotel management facilities and room prices are transparent. The advanced database design ensures that guests can choose the hotel that suits them according to various conditions. It can enable the hotel to establish an honest management mechanism and a higher communication platform, expand its popularity, open up new markets, and promote marketing.

3. Distance from the global hotel industry network

Compared with the global hotel industry, networking is one of the main gaps in China’s hotel industry. 30% of independent hotels in China do not even have websites or web pages, and independent hotels that have not joined the reservation network account for 97% of the total hotels. . Taking Hilton Hotel Group as an example, its network service points have been extended to airports and train stations. China’s well-known online hotel agencies have an annual booking volume of 2 million to 3 million rooms. However, they are outside the hotel industry after all, so the network market of independent hotels has become the focus of attention from all parties.

5. How to do hotel online marketing

  Just do the following things. The most important thing in marketing is to recognize the situation and have your own creativity.

  1. Pay attention to quality and understand yourself. The life of a hotel lies in its quality, which includes its hardware and software.

  2. The quality of humanistic promotion (customer maintenance) determines whether a hotel can have a group of loyal customers and whether it can ensure that the hotel has a high customer return rate.

  3. Special marketing and special promotions must be formulated in line with the actual situation of the hotel.

  4. Advertising sales are crucial to promoting the hotel’s latest activities.

  5. Online promotion is Internet marketing.

  6. Public relations promotion is an important means for the hotel to develop new customers.

6. Budget hotel online marketing

1. Check the hotel’s images on different channels. Do the hotel photos you provide on your hotel website, OTAs, and other sales and marketing platforms show the hotel at its best? Intent Media’s survey report shows that one of the most reliable ways to increase bookings is to provide a variety of attractive photos.

  2. Evaluate your search marketing campaigns. You can’t just monitor these activities, you need to take the time to analyze them to avoid spending too much money and effort on certain areas and take into account underinvestment, clicks, and seasonal changes in booking behavior. In particular, you need to focus on analyzing keywords with high click-through rates but low bookings, low click-through rates but high bookings, and keywords with high and low click-through rates. Even if you only invest a relatively small amount of time, these investments ensure that you get the full benefits from the search marketing channel.

  3. Improve the hotel’s ranking on OTA websites. You should take advantage of the pay-per-click programs offered by many OTAs today. Your use of OTA sites for marketing appears to be a departure from common practice, where hotels typically earn revenue simply by appearing on listings on these sites. But now you can do it more cost-effectively. Take the Sponsored Search Network managed by Intent Media, for example, which allows hotels to be prioritized in the search results pages of websites such as Orbitz and Travelocity, and when these hotel links are clicked, they only need to pay the platform.

7. The main online marketing methods for domestic hotels

Including: organizing marketing, product portfolio, planning and publicity. 1. Organizing marketing: When marketing is carried out in an organization, the following items must be done: 1. Delineate the sales area and scope. The marketing department manager cooperates with the sales staff to delineate the sales area and scope, and actively guides the sales staff to expand the sales area on a lump sum basis. The distribution of sales areas and scope should be based on the sales potential of regular customers, the geographical location and categories of customers. 2. Set sales targets. The marketing manager sets sales targets based on the hotel’s sales goals and policies. Sales indicators are divided into quantity indicators and quality indicators. Quantitative indicators include: (1) Sales quantity, such as the number of days of room sales, catering sales, average room price, sales revenue, etc. (2) Number of sales, the number of sales visits that should be conducted per day or per month. (3) Indicators and control of sales expenses, monthly sales expenses involved by sales staff, such as transportation expenses and entertainment expenses. 2. Since the customer demand potential of each salesperson is different, while stipulating that the salesperson achieve the sales quantity, the quality standard of sales must be determined. The quality standard includes the product and sales knowledge of the salesperson, the effect of the sales visit, and the work of the salesperson. Attitude, work ability and relationship with customers, etc. 3. Performance evaluation of sales staff. Sales managers should adopt appropriate channels to understand and obtain performance information of sales staff, formulate rules for monthly “sales reports” submitted by sales staff, understand the sales situation, and provide timely feedback on sales information. 4. Arrange a reasonable organizational structure. Based on the comprehensive consideration of the geographical location and categories of hotel customers, the marketing department organizes sales staff to divide sales according to geographical location, reducing travel time and improving work efficiency. According to the current development status of hotels, hotel marketing should actively tap the potential of hotel products, increase the attractiveness of products, attract guests to spend, and attract business. 2. Product combination: Hotel marketing can develop various combination products that are popular with guests according to the company’s sales requirements and the different needs of guests to attract customers. The combination products that can be opened are: (1) Business guest combination products. Special services for business guests, including discounts for business guests: such as a free basket of fruit in the room, free welcome drinks, free use of facilities and equipment in the recreation center, free participation in bars, singing and dancing entertainment activities. (2) Conference combination products. The conference package product includes the use of the conference hall, snacks and coffee during the meeting break, and working meals during the meeting, which are provided at a package price per person. (3) Family accommodation combination products. For example, a double room is available for the whole family, children sharing a free extra bed with their parents, child care services are provided, children can use recreational facilities for free, and the restaurant provides a children’s menu. (4) Honeymoon vacation products. Honeymoon vacation products are only provided to newlyweds. They generally require beautiful and quiet rooms and some special services, such as a beautifully decorated bridal chamber, free American breakfast before bed, free champagne, and flowers and fruit baskets in the room. (5) Wedding combination products. This type of product is mainly aimed at the local residential market, combined with the form of wedding consumption, adapting to consumer psychology, emphasizing the festive atmosphere, and attracting consumption: the product portfolio includes luxury Beijing-style or Cantonese-style banquets, free soft drinks for the entire audience, and four floors. An exquisite wedding cake is provided, the wedding banquet hall is grandly decorated with flowers and double happiness banners, the wedding banquet atmosphere is created according to specific requirements, the wedding march is played, the bridal suite, flowers, fruits and champagne are provided free of charge in the wedding room, and free American breakfast is delivered to the guest room. (6) Weekend combination products. Weekend package products can attract guests to have some rest and entertainment after work during the week, so it is necessary to plan and organize some entertainment and sports activities: such as holding weekend parties, weekend acrobatic performances, etc., and combine entertainment activities with the hotel’s food and accommodation services Into a cheap package price product. (7) Off-season holiday products. During the off-season, accommodation and meals are provided to guests for one week or ten days at a package price. At the same time, in order to attract guests, we must also plan and organize entertainment activities for guests to enjoy for free. (8) Special event combination products. The development of this type of combination product requires marketers to have creative and factual thinking to design products that are both novel and economically and salesly feasible. They can make use of existing facilities and service organizations, such as table tennis, tennis, bowling matches and other activities. Improve the reputation and image of the hotel. 3. Planning and publicity: In addition to developing new products and new activities, marketing must also launch unique publicity methods to attract customers, which requires more efforts in advertising planning and promotion. (1) You can choose TV, radio, newspapers and other media to regularly report on the hotel’s newly launched special dishes, guest room environment, activities, etc., to improve guests’ sensory impression of the hotel. (2) Use industry magazines, newspapers, travel itinerary brochures, guides, advertising flyers, direct letters, etc. to promote hotel products. (3) Increase momentum and influence by inviting well-known performances, and create a hot spot for consumption in the hotel, such as inviting provincial and municipal model competitions, fashion shows, large-scale singing, dancing and instrumental performances and other promotional methods. (4) Design and launch the Oktoberfest and the way of appreciating dishes to increase hotel consumption and increase benefits. Hotel marketing should not be limited to one stage, stick to one model, and indulge in one state. It must use the most keen, advanced, and unique sense of smell to create and design the best business model suitable for hotel operation and development. Make the hotel operation more perfect, advanced and unique, so as not to lose in the fierce competition in the hotel industry.

8. Development of hotel online marketing

Why do we need other marketing methods when the Internet is so developed?

1. The customer base of any product or service is not in one place, so it requires multi-channel marketing.

2. Internet marketing does not represent everything, because your customers may not like to go online? What about a certain Internet platform that your customers may not be looking at?

3. We need to make our information visible to potential customers at any time. For some products, hotel marketing is effective.