Which attractions are closest to Shanghai Yuyuan Garden – Fun places near Shanghai Yuyuan Garden

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1. Fun places near Yuyuan Garden in Shanghai

1. Zhujiajiao Town: “Natural scenery with small bridges and flowing water, and authentic Ming and Qing streets” refers to Zhujiajiao Town. There are rivers and ports in the town, nine long streets stretch along the river, and thousands of Ming and Qing buildings stand along the water, 36 of them. The ancient style of Stone Bridge still exists, and there are many places of interest and historical sites. The natural scenery here has been favored by many film and television directors, who have brought the graceful charm of the ancient water town to the screen and TV again and again. It is known as “Hollywood in the suburbs of Shanghai” “.

There is a temple in the old street – Chenghuang Temple, and a temple – Baoguo Temple.

2. Attractions around Shanghai Yu Garden

The main nearby attractions are:

Hui’an Confucius Temple, Hui’an City God Temple, Christian Huiyi Hall, Daxiang Guanyin Palace, Xuekoupu Guanyin Hall, Dengyong Martial Temple Stele, Dengyong Martial Temple, etc.

The Hui’an Museum is located in Hui’an County. It currently has three themed exhibitions: “Exhibition of Huidong Women’s Clothing”, “Hui’an Architectural Sculpture Exhibition” and “Exhibition of Stone Carvings of Hui’an Past Dynasties”.

Surrounding bus information: Hui’an No. 101, Hui’an No. 102, Hui’an No. 2, Hui’an No. 3, etc.

3. Is Shanghai Yuyuan fun?

Shanghai is a relatively popular tourist city. There are many interesting places in the whole city. So which interesting points are must-visit in Shanghai? Here are 10 super interesting places in Shanghai. If you have the chance, you must visit it. I want to go to them all!

1. Duolun Road

Among the 10 super interesting places in Shanghai, Duolun Road has been very popular since the 1920s and 1930s. You can see the style of old Shanghai everywhere here. People will inevitably slow down when walking here. The cafes, art galleries and bookstores are all very unique.

2. City God’s Temple

When it comes to Shanghai City God Temple, I believe that many people will think of it first. Not only are there local snacks in Shanghai, but also various small shops with unique characteristics are worth looking for to find your favorite products. It is a place for shopping and eating. A good place to go.

3. Chongming Island

Chongming Island is also a landmark place in Shanghai. The island is rich in various natural and humanistic necklaces, including Shouan Temple, Confucius Temple, etc. At the same time, the man-made forest covering an area of ​​more than 5,400 acres is the largest in East China. biggest.

4. Suzhou River

Shanghai’s Suzhou River is a very popular spot in the local area. It is a symbol of Shanghai’s industrialization and urbanization, so it is of great tourist value. The key point is that the cultural landscapes on both sides of the strait are also very eye-catching.

5. New World

Xintiandi is a place with a strong European style, and there are many well-known bar building complexes in Shanghai. The most important thing is that at night, tourists from all over the world gather here, giving people a very lively feeling. .

6. Sinan Road

Among the 10 super interesting places in Shanghai, Sinan Road is a very popular street in the local French Concession. The key point is that there are many garden-style houses with different styles on the street. Walking among them, you can say that you can feel the style of old Shanghai. Coming at you.

7. Wukang Road

Wukang Road, located in Xuhui District, Shanghai, is a very representative tourist spot. There are about 37 historical buildings preserved here, including those from the Spanish and Renaissance periods, which look very distinctive.

8. Zhujiajiao

Zhujiajiao is known as the back garden of Shanghai, and it is also the first choice for many local friends when they are on vacation. It is a very unique Jiangnan water town, and various commercial shops with special characteristics are all necessary check-in points. Snacks are among the most popular. The popular rice dumplings are a must-try.

9. Tianzifang

Tianzifang, a must-visit place in Shanghai, has the flavor of old Shanghai. The beautiful scenery and rich cultural atmosphere are its most attractive points. If you want to experience the interesting petty bourgeoisie atmosphere and shops, Tianzifang must be would be a good choice.

10. Nanjing Road

Nanjing Road is a very famous commercial street among the 10 super interesting places in Shanghai. It is full of various shopping stores and snacks. When night falls, there is an endless stream of tourists here, and the entire night view is very attractive. people.

4. Attractions near Shanghai Yu Garden

There is only one Yu Garden in Shanghai.

Yuyuan Garden is located in the northeast of the old city of Shanghai, adjacent to Fuyou Road to the north, Anren Street to the east, and Shanghai Old Town God’s Temple to the southwest. It is a classical garden in the south of the Yangtze River. It was built during the Jiajing and Wanli years of the Ming Dynasty and covers an area of ​​more than 30 acres.

In the park are the Jade Linglong, one of the three famous stones in the south of the Yangtze River, and the Dianchun Hall, the command post of the Xiao Dao Hui Uprising in 1853. On the side of the park are the City God’s Temple and shopping streets and other tourist attractions.

Yuyuan Garden was opened to the public in 1961 and was listed as a national key cultural relics protection unit by the State Council in 1982.

5. Recommended fun places near Shanghai Yu Garden

There is no City God’s Temple. City God’s Temple in Shanghai.

There is the Confucius Temple in Nanjing. The Confucius Temple is a famous tourist attraction in Nanjing and has many interesting places.

One, the Academy. Located on the north side of the back street of Dacheng Hall, it was the original “No. 1 School in Southeast” gatehouse, including Mingde Hall, Zunjing Pavilion, Qingyun Tower, Chongsheng Temple and other ancient buildings.

2. Dachengmen. Entering Lingxing Gate, you will face Dacheng Gate. Confucius made a masterpiece of ancient Chinese culture, hence the name “Dacheng”. There is a majestic stone lion in front of the door, and there are angled doors on the left and right of the door.

3. Wuyi Alley. Located tens of meters southwest of Confucius Temple, it is a quiet and narrow alley. It was originally the location of the residences of Wang Dao and Xie An, the famous prime ministers of the Eastern Jin Dynasty. According to “Danyang Ji” quoted in Volume 16 of “Jingding Jiankang Zhi” of the Song Dynasty, this place was originally the location of Wu Wuyi Camp of the Three Kingdoms, hence its name.

4. Central temple. There are eight ginkgo trees planted in the courtyard, and the ancient lanterns are symmetrical. A straight stone corridor in the middle leads to the Danqi in front of the Dacheng Hall. This Danqi is the place where music and dance were held when worshiping Confucius. In the center stands a bronze statue of Confucius, which is 4.18 meters high and weighs 2,500 kilograms. It is the largest bronze statue of Confucius in the country.


The pool in front of the Confucius Temple is generally called “Panchi”. The Academy of Lu State was located on the bank of the Pan River. During the Zhou Dynasty, “the learning of the emperor was called Yong, and the learning of the princes was called Pan”, and this became a custom in the future.

6. How to visit Shanghai Yu Garden

Take Metro Line 10 and get off at Yuyuan Station. Nearby are Yuyuan Garden and City God Temple. After shopping, walk east to north to the Bund by the Huangpu River. Follow the Bund sightseeing trail north to the intersection of Nanjing East Road. Follow Nanjing East Road to Walk west to Nanjing East Road Metro Station, take Metro Line 2 (toward Guanglan Road/Pudong Airport) and get off at Lujiazui Station. Next to the station is the Oriental Pearl Tower.

7. Recommend some fun places near Yuyuan Garden in Shanghai

There are many fun places. Older people like to go to the City God’s Temple, taste Shanghai’s specialties Xiao Long Bao, soup dumplings, fennel beans, walk on the Jiuqu Bridge, and enjoy the Jiangnan gardens in Yu Garden. Young people can go to Nanjing. Road, the Bund, enjoy the Oriental Pearl Tower, Jin Mao Tower, and Shanghai No. 1 on the other side of the Pujiang River. You can also go to Xintiandi, Tianzifang, and Bar Street! Xintiandi represents Shanghai’s fashion frontier and petty bourgeoisie life.

8. Is Yu Garden in Shanghai fun or not?

Hello. The main advantages of the Yuyuan area in Huangpu District, Shanghai are: a large number of old houses, relocation of shantytowns, low population density, and quietness. The location is good, in the city center, very close to the Bund, Nanjing Road, and the City God Temple. It can basically be reached on foot. The house has a high value retention rate.

The shortcomings are also obvious. There are few people at night. Many old houses have been relocated casually but have not yet been demolished. It is a bit scary to watch at night. It is close to Yuyuan Garden, there are many tourists and it is noisy.

9. What are the fun places near Yuyuan Garden in Shanghai?

Hello, 1 Yaohan is a shopping mall opened in Japan. It is very suitable for shopping, especially clothes.

2 It is very close to the Oriental Pearl Tower in Lujiazui. It takes up to 20 minutes to walk there. Now it is very comfortable to go at night. The night view is beautiful. (To be honest, there is nothing interesting in Shanghai, but the night view is okay) 3 You can see it from Yaohan to the Oriental Pearl Tower. The Bund is just across the Huangpu River, and there is a ferry that can go there for 50 cents (but it seems that because of the World Expo, the Bund is under renovation and is not open to the public)

4 Take Yaohan Line 2 at Dongchang Road Station to People’s Square and transfer to Line 1 and get off at Xujiahui Station. 5 Nanxiang Xiao Long Bao is a specialty snack in Shanghai. I suggest you go to the Chenghuang Temple. There are many unique snacks in various places. All are available. And there are many small commodities.

6 If you like shopping, you must go to Nanjing Road. Friends who come to Shanghai usually go to Nanjing Road. You can also go shopping on Nanjing West Road (just to see the shopping), but it is very expensive and not ordinary. It’s expensive, but Huaihai Middle Road is also worth visiting. There are many unique bars on Huaihai Road and Hengshan Road. Personally, I think that if you go shopping in Shanghai, there are many places to visit, but there is really not much to do. The weather in Shanghai has been very cool these days, and it will start to get hot in the next few days, so come here as early as possible! Haha~~My true feelings, I have lived in Yaohan for more than two years, I hope I can help the original poster.

10. Yu Garden Tour Guide to Shanghai

Yu Garden is one of the treasures of garden art in the south of the Yangtze River. It was originally the private garden of Pan En and Pan Yunduan, the bureaucratic landlords of the Ming Dynasty. It was first built in the 38th year of Jiajing (1559) and accelerated in the fifth year of Wanli (1577) after Pan Yunduan was dismissed and returned to his hometown. Counting on one’s fingers, Yuyuan Garden has been established for more than 400 years.

The Pan family was a prominent family in Shanghai at that time. In the 32nd year of the Jiajing reign of the Ming Dynasty (1553), the nine-mile-long Shanghai City Wall was completed, which gradually subsided the Japanese invasion along the southeast coast. The Shanghai people, whose lives and property had been constantly threatened for more than 20 years, gained some stability and enjoyed social and economic progress. Recover and begin to prosper. The scholar-bureaucrats built Yuyuan Gardens one after another to entertain and cultivate their nature, and to sing and sing. Pan En resigned from office and returned to his hometown when he was old. In order to let his father enjoy his old age, Pan Yunduan started from the last year of Jiajing in the Ming Dynasty (1559). He gathered stones to dig a pond and built a pavilion in the vegetable fields to the west of Shichun Hall, the Pan family’s residence. Bamboo, for building gardens. After more than 20 years of hard work, Yuyuan Garden was built. “Yu” means “peace” and “Antai”, so the name “Shanghai Yuyuan” means “Yuyue old relatives”.

Yuyuan Garden covered an area of ​​more than 70 acres at that time. It was carefully designed by Zhang Nanyang, a famous gardener in the Ming Dynasty, who personally participated in the construction. The whole garden is magnificent in scale and beautiful in scenery. The ancients praised Yu Garden as “the most beautiful garden in the southeast” and “the most famous garden in the southeast”. Pan Yunduan’s family fell into decline in his later years. Pan Yunduan died in the 29th year of Wanli in the Ming Dynasty (1601). The Pan family was declining day by day and could not afford the huge expenses required for garden repair and management. At the end of the Ming Dynasty, Yu Garden was acquired by Zhang Zhaolin.