A complete list of tourist attractions from Qingdao to Weihai Wendeng. Must-visit attractions in Weihai Wendeng.

Introduction: A complete list of tourist attractions from Qingdao to Weihai Wendeng. Must-visit attractions in Weihai Wendeng Travel Guide 1. Must-visit attractions in Weihai Wendeng Travel Guide 2. What are the must-see attractions in Weihai Wendeng Travel Guide 3. How to get from Weihai to Wendeng conveniently 4. Attractions around Weihai Wendeng 5. Tourist attractions in Wendeng District, Weihai City 6. What are the fun places to visit in Wendeng, Weihai 7. A complete list of tourist attractions in Wendeng, Weihai 8. Where is Wendeng, Weihai 9. Recommended attractions for Weihai Wendeng travel guide 10. What attractions are there in Wendeng District, Weihai 11. Where to go in Wendeng, Weihai There is a place to play

1. Must-visit attractions in Weihai Wendeng Travel Guide

Relying on the advantageous tourism resources of “four mountains and five springs”, Wendeng has cultivated a hot spring health tourism product group represented by Tianmu Hot Spring and Tangbo Hot Spring, and a landscape ecological tourism product group represented by Kunyu Mountain and Bible Mountain. Coastal leisure and vacation tourism product groups represented by Nanhai Park and Xiangshui Sea, etc., and mass tourism and leisure festival products represented by Hot Spring Festival, Kunyu Mountain Cherry Festival, Nanhai Sand Sculpture Festival, Li Long Cultural Mountain Fair, Caibei Art Festival, etc. group.

Wendeng currently has 2 national 4A-level scenic spots (Tianmu Hot Spring Resort, Tangbo Hot Spring Resort), 2 3A-level scenic spots (Bible Mountain Scenic Area, Qinglong Ecological Tourism Resort), 8 star hotels, and 5 star restaurants. , there are 14 tourism towns and characteristic tourism villages, 9 national and provincial industrial and agricultural tourism demonstration sites, 1 provincial recreational fishery demonstration site, and 11 travel agencies, ranking among the top county-level cities in the province, with continuous tourism industry output value The five-year growth rate remains above 30%.

Wendeng District is known as the “Hot Springs City” and accounts for 5 of the 13 hot springs in the Jiaodong Peninsula. It is one of the areas with the richest underground hot water resources in the Jiaodong Peninsula. These five hot springs include Qili Hot Spring, Tangcun Hot Spring, Hulei Hot Spring, Daying Hot Spring, and Hongshuilan Hot Spring. These hot springs are mostly distributed at the edges of magma and are related to the structural zones of magma activity. They are a reflection of the high-temperature geothermal field. The spring water flows out naturally. After drilling, the water head can be 1-8 meters above the ground, with vaporization. The water temperature reaches 39-77°C, the salinity is 1-10 grams per liter, and it contains metasilicic acid and other various substances that are good for human health. Beneficial minerals and trace elements. It has successfully held two International Hot Spring Festivals, attracting experts and scholars from Russia, Japan, South Korea and other countries.

2. What are the must-visit attractions in Weihai Wendeng Travel Guide?

Free fun attractions in Rushan include Thumb Square. Chaomi Lake Wetland Park.

3. How to get from Weihai to Wendeng conveniently?

Bus line: Route D1 → Weihai-Wendeng Intercity Express Line 1 → Route 13, the total journey is about 47.2 kilometers 1. Walk about 60 meters from Wendeng District to Jindu Square Station 2. Take Route D1 and go through 5 stops. Social Security Center Station 3. Walk about 80 meters to the Human Resources Market Station 4. Take Weihai-Wendeng Intercity Express Line 1 and go through 11 stations to Zhenhua Outlets Station 5. Walk about 200 meters to Zhenhua Outlets Station Hua Outlets Station 6. Take Line 13 and go through 4 stops to Jingyuan Station 7. Walk about 330 meters to Weihai City

4. Attractions around Weihai Wendeng

For family travel, I recommend a place, Qiyu Xiaoluohao Growth Paradise, which just opened in August this year.

5. Tourist Attractions in Wendeng District, Weihai City

When you come to Weihai in winter, you can take part in some ice and snow tourism projects, such as watching the snow at the International Bathing Beach, hiking in the snow at the Marine Park, experiencing winter fishing fun at Xixiakou, and going to Swan Lake to see the whooper swans in the snow. In winter in Weihai, in addition to the beautiful scenery, there are also There is seafood, and it is the fishing moratorium in summer. It is difficult for guests who come to Weihai to eat really fresh seafood, especially shrimps, so winter is a good season for eating seafood. When it is the fattest, go to the sea park every evening. In the small fishing port, fishermen bring freshly caught sea fish, sea shrimps and sea oysters, which are all alive and kicking. If you like them, you can buy some back. Tourist attractions to visit in Weihai in winter: Qixiakou Wildlife Park in Rongcheng, Chengshantou in Rongcheng, Liugong Island in Huancui District, Silver Beach in Rushan, and Taoist Tower in Wendeng. In winter, attractions are generally discounted and not very expensive. Winter Weihai is still very exciting, I wish you a good time!

6. What are the fun places to visit in Wendeng, Weihai?

As for the boundary of Wendeng, the mountains include Bible Mountain, the water includes Mishanshui, and Wendeng has Zhaowentai. Not many people go there now. Kunyu Mountain is quite good. The newly built Wendeng School Park is good. Now it is developing to the eastern suburbs. The city center Yiwu and Yiwu in the east have better shopping, and Xiaoguan in the south has a silver beach which is better!

7. Weihai Wendeng tourist attractions list

In September, a total of 10 state-owned scenic spots in Yantai are open to tourists from all over the country for free. The tourist attractions include Penglai Pavilion, Changdao Scenic Area, Kunyu Mountain National Forest Park, Moushi Manor, Qixia Taixu Palace, Laizhou Yunfeng Mountain Scenic Area, Zhaoyuan Luo The Gold Rush Town Gold Museum in the Shanhuang Gold Cultural Tourism Zone, Penglai Aishan National Forest Park, Polaris Clock Culture Museum, and Laiyang Cretaceous National Geopark.

The free scenic spots in Weihai include

There are Liugong Island Scenic Area; Xixiakou Motianling Scenic Area, Shidao Chishan Scenic Area, Tianmu Hot Spring, Tangbo Hot Spring, Darushan Scenic Area, Huaxia City Scenic Area, Xianguding Scenic Area, Dingyuan Ship Scenic Area, Jiudingtiecha Mountain Scenic area, Shengshui Scenic Area, Swan Lake Scenic Area, Wendeng Qinglong Ecological Resort, Qianxi Mountain Scenic Area; Colored Stone Scenic Area.

8. Where is Weihai Wendeng?

Weihai Wendeng District has no subordinate cities, only towns below it.

9. Recommended must-see attractions in Weihai Wendeng Travel Guide

It is not recommended to live in Wendeng City. There are no well-known attractions in Wendeng City, and the nightlife at night is relatively simple and not very fun. Moreover, it takes more than half an hour to reach the main scenic spots in Weihai, which is not very cost-effective.

It is recommended to stay in Weihai on the first day. You can visit Liugong Island and Huanhai Road during the day, go to the beach in the evening, and go to the night market or eat seafood after dark.

Early the next morning, you can start from Weihai city and go east to Rongcheng, Xianghai, Hailu Island, Shendiao Mountain, and Chengshantou. This line takes 1-2 days.

If you have time, go along the coastline and go to Rongcheng Stone Island, Tiecha Mountain, Nanhai New District and Silver Beach. If you have time, just go shopping. If you don’t have time, there is no need. They are all man-made attractions and the beaches are average.

Have a nice trip!

10. What attractions are there in Wendeng District, Weihai?

In January 2011, the State Council officially approved the “Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone Development Plan”. Weihai Nanhai New Area was identified as one of the three major new marine economic zones for key construction and will become an important component of the national marine development strategy and regional coordinated development strategy. part. 1The long-term planning scope of Weihai Nanhai New Area includes Xiaoguan, Zetou, Songcun, Zhangjiazhan, Houjia, Zeku, Gaocun, Bukou Port in Wendeng District, Shangzhuang, Hushan, Renhe, and Shidao Management Areas in Rongcheng City, Rushan City has 16 towns including Baishatan, Xujia, Nanhuang and Haiyangsuo, with a land area of ​​1,798 square kilometers, a sea area of ​​1,237 square kilometers, and a coastline of 328 kilometers. 2 At present, the core starting area of ​​Weihai Nanhai New District is 160 square kilometers (including Zeku Town and Xiaoguan Town), and the planned construction area is 90 square kilometers. The core area is located in the southern section of Wendeng District, bounded by Huanhai Road to the north, Huanglei River to the west, and Changhuikou Bridge to the east.

11. Where to visit in Wendeng, Weihai

1. Dashan Coastal Tourist Resort is a national AAAA tourist attraction and a national water conservancy scenic spot. Dashan Coastal Tourist Resort is located in Rushan City, Weihai, at the southern end of the Jiaodong Peninsula. It is adjacent to the Yellow Sea and is about an hour’s drive from the three major tourist cities of Qingdao, Yantai and Weihai. It is an important tourism destination on the “golden” coastline of the Jiaodong Peninsula. destination.

2. Fulu Donghai Cultural Park is a national AAAA-level tourist attraction. Furudonghai Cultural Park is located in Rushan Silver Beach, a national AAAA tourist resort, with a total investment of 1 billion yuan and an area of ​​1,500 acres. It is a tourism project with the theme of Furudonghai.

3. Rushan Silver Beach Tourist Resort is a national AAAA-level tourist attraction. The area is rich in natural and cultural landscapes. Pearl Bay, Baiyin Bay, Gongjia Island, Sanguan Pavilion, Xianren Bridge, Suolong Stone, Duogu Mountain, Monk Cave, and Wan Mu – etc. add luster to the Silver Beach.