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1. Full map of Hero Mountain Scenic Area

Jinan Hero Mountain is under the jurisdiction of Shizhong District.

2. Introduction to Hero Mountain

Answer: The height of Hero Mountain is 110 meters.

3. Hero Mountain Tour Route Map

Dabie Mountain Base – Hubei-Henan-Anhui Soviet Area General Pavilion is a key national red tourism “1231” project. Construction began in 2008, with a construction area of ​​5,440 square meters. The exterior design is in the shape of a general’s medal ribbon, and the top is designed in the shape of a five-pointed star, symbolizing the generals’ illustrious military exploits and shining in the annals of history. The general exhibition hall is divided into the preface hall, marshal hall, general hall, admiral hall, lieutenant general hall, major general hall and multi-functional film and television hall. It will display all-round and multi-angle 349 soldiers who worked and fought in the Hubei-Henan-Anhui Soviet Area. The great achievements of the general.

The internal exhibitions in the General Hall mainly use high-tech means such as large sculptures, phantom imaging, multimedia presentations, electronic book turning tables, and general archive walls. The prologue hall of the General’s Hall displays a magnificent picture of “The Hometown of Generals and the Shining Stars of Generals”, which is mainly composed of a large bronze sculpture of “The Shining Stars of Generals” and a multimedia sand table of “The Hometown of the Red Army and the Cradle of Generals”. The “Bright Star” bronze sculpture has an arc length of 30 meters, a height of 10 meters, and an area of ​​330 square meters. The sculptures are 349 founding generals who worked and fought in the Hubei-Henan-Anhui Soviet Area. In the first row are two marshals Liu Bocheng and Xu Xiangqian, three generals Xu Haidong, Chen Geng, Wang Shusheng and 21 generals, followed by 43 lieutenant generals and 280 major generals. Their tall and straight figures blend in with the rolling Dabie Mountains behind them, the green pines and cypresses on both sides, and the azaleas in front. The entire sculpture is majestic and majestic. It was sculpted by sculptors from Hangzhou Yalong Sculpture Art Co., Ltd. under the guidance of expert professors Pan Xirou and Wang Zhuoyu in the field of sculpture, according to the standard portraits of 349 generals. The lines are smooth and creative. It is currently the largest bronze sculpture with the theme of generals in the country, and it has strong shocking and infectious power.

4. Full picture of Hero Mountain Scenic Area Map

Tai’an YingXiongShan middle school, referred to as Tai’an Yingzhong or Yingzhong; is a national youth innovative education experimental school, a national characteristic school, a standardized school in Shandong Province, and a key complete middle school in Daiyue District. 1 The school was founded in 1982; in 1987, the school was classified as “Tai’an Suburban Key Senior High School”; in 2003, a standard new campus was built and put into use in Daiyue New Town; September 16, 2014, Jinan The Air Force Recruitment Center awarded Tai’an Yingxiongshan Middle School a “Quality Student Base”. 1 According to the school’s official website in July 2015, the school covers an area of ​​more than 360 acres, with a construction area of ​​nearly 210,000 square meters; it has nearly 500 faculty members, including 2 special-grade teachers and 198 senior teachers; it has 116 teaching classes. There are more than 4,560 students in school (senior high school).

5. Pictures of Hero Mountain

Every Tuesday to Sunday, the opening hours are 09:00-16:00, and you can visit for free with your ID card.

The Jinan Battle Memorial Hall is located at the foot of Jinan Heroes Mountain, with a total investment of 38 million yuan and a construction area of ​​6,800 square meters. It consists of an exhibition hall and a panoramic painting gallery. The exhibition hall is divided into historical turning points, prelude to the decisive battle, etc.

Jinan Battle Memorial Hall is a national patriotism education demonstration base and one of the top 100 red tourism classic scenic spots in the country. Since January 1, 2008, the Jinan Battle Memorial Hall has been open to the public free of charge.

6. Hero Mountain Route

Bus line: No. 4, the total journey is about 7.8 kilometers 1. Walk about 380 meters from Luokou Mall to the Zoo Station 2. Take No. 4 and go through 11 stops to Erqixincun Station (you can also take No. 35)

3. Walk about 240 meters to 7Days Inn No. 42 Yingxiongshan Road

7. Full HD map of Hero Mountain Scenic Area

The enrollment rate is very high. Tai’an Yingxiongshan Middle School is a district-affiliated school managed by Daiyue District and a key middle school in Shandong Province. Since its establishment, the school has always been student-centered, strictly manages students, and teaches scientifically. Pay attention to teaching research and teaching reform, continuously improve educational and teaching concepts, and strengthen classroom reform. Every year, we achieve very good results in the college entrance examination, and a considerable number of students enter key universities across the country, with a relatively high admission rate.

8. Where is Hero Mountain?

Hello. The Yingxiongshan Road area is relatively large and belongs to three streets: it depends on the location. Four Mile Village, Six Mile Mountain, Sixteen Mile River. Wish you a safe journey

9. Hero Mountain Route Map

Bus line: No. 65, the total journey is about 8.0 kilometers 1. Walk about 50 meters from Yanshan Overpass to Wenhua East Road East Gate Station 2. Take No. 65 and go through 10 stops to arrive at Bayi Overpass South Station 3. Walk about 320 meters to reach Hero Mountain

10. Pictures of Hero Mountain Scenic Area

The Yingxiong Mountain Scenic Area in Jinan City, Shandong Province has a very superior natural environment, with beautiful scenery and rich forests. It is a veritable mountain in the city. “Chixia Pavilion” is located on Wuli Mountain. At the main entrance there is a couplet inscribed by Xu Beiwen: “The red clouds are brilliant, the peach blossoms in the Yao Garden reflect the sun, wishing longevity for thousands of years, and the bluebirds are diligent and jade letters, with brocade characters flying across the clouds thousands of miles to bring peace.” The sun is clear and the sky is clear. From the pavilion, you can have a panoramic view of the Yellow River Highway Bridge and Queshan Reservoir.