What attractions are there in Changshu Shanghu Scenic Area – Introduction to what are the attractions in Changshu Shanghu Scenic Area

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1. What are the attractions in Changshu Shanghu Scenic Area?

In the Shanghu Scenic Area in Changshu, Jiangsu, there is a waterside villa – Fushui Villa, based on the love story of Qian Qianyi and Liu Rushi.

Fushui Villa is the love nest of Qian Qianyi and Liu Rushi, but this “little nest” is a bit large. Fushui Villa is named after the Fushui Rock at the western foot of Yushan Mountain. It is one of the eighteen famous scenic spots in Yushan Mountain. It is roughly located in front of the Zanghai Temple on the top of Yushan Mountain today. Because there is a waterfall hanging on the cliff, it looks like a stream of water.

2. Changshu Shanghu Scenic Area Travel Guide

Shanghu Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day Night Park will be open from 17:00 to 21:30 every day from September 19th to October 7th. The Shanghu Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival is a traditional autumn night outing and has become a new folk custom for citizens to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. This year, the scenic spot has opened up the two areas of Feixiong Academy and Xiangetai Theater, and staged a large-scale garden immersive Hanfu performance show “Fushui·Wedding Banquet”, a large-scale pop-up immersive check-in show “Jiang Shang Exorcism”, and a large-scale live song and dance show of Fengshen. The three immersive performances of “Jiang Ziya” with different styles allow visitors to experience a rich audio-visual night tour feast and go on an ancient journey between the situation and reality.

3. What are the scenic spots in Changshu Shanghu Scenic Area?

The circumference of Shang Lake is 16.8 kilometers.

Shanghu tour is divided into two routes: [Water Tour] and [Land Tour]. Among them, [Water Tour] is divided into two branches: [Outer Lake Cruise] and [Inner Lake Oar Boat]; [Land Tour] is also divided into [Sightseeing Electric Car Tour] ] and [Walking Tour] are two ways. There is a lake in Shanghu Island and an island in the lake, with a unique landscape. The water area is 12,000 acres, and the embankment around the lake is 20 kilometers long. It is known as the Wetland Park.

4. Changshu Shanghu Scenic Area Tour Guide

Yushan Scenic Area includes three parts: Yushan, Shanghu and the ancient city. Yushan is both a scenic spot and a national forest park1. The whole mountain is covered with trees, lush and green, and the birds are singing, which is fascinating. In January 2016, the National Tourism Administration and the Ministry of Environmental Protection planned to identify the Shanghu Tourism Area in Yushan City, Changshu City, Jiangsu Province as a national eco-tourism demonstration area.

5. Introduction to Changshu Shanghu Scenic Area

Shanghu Shanghu is located in the west of Changshu City and south of Yushan Mountain. It is also known as Shanghu, Zhaoshan Lake and Shanqian Lake. It is said that Jiang Shang fished here when he lived in seclusion in Yushan in the late Shang Dynasty, so it was named Shanghu or Shangfu Lake. There is also another lake in the southeast of the city called “East Lake”, so this lake Also known as “West Lake”. The lake basin is about 7.5 kilometers long from east to west and about 1 to 3 kilometers wide from north to south, with a total area of ​​about 12.5 square kilometers. In the old days, “Misty Rain in Hudian” and “Moon Moon on Lake Bridge” were two of the “Eighteen Scenic Spots of Yushan”. During the Cultural Revolution, the lake was surrounded by land and turned into a farm. Since 1984, the farmland has been returned to the lake. After years of construction, the southwest part of the lake has been turned into a tourist scenic spot, and Shanghu Park has been newly built, with Hexiang Island, Peach Blossom Island, Yule Island, Yanyu Island, Songbird Island, Water Forest and other attractions. “Shanghu Misty Rain” was rated as one of the new “Eighteen Scenic Spots of Yushan”

6. An essay introducing the scenic spots in Changshu Shanghu Scenic Area

Shanghu Scenic Area is called “Shanghu Bay” by local people. Shanghu Bay is located in Changshu, a famous city in the south of the Yangtze River. It borders Shanghai to the east, Suzhou to the south, Wuxi to the west, and the Yangtze River to the north. It has superior geographical location and convenient transportation. It is an important part of Changzhou Shanghu-Taihu Scenic Area, a national key scenic spot. It is a national AAAA tourist area and one of the first batch of national urban wetland parks in the country. Shang Lake (Bay), named after it is said that Jiang Shang (Tai Gong) fished here, is located in the west of Changshu City, close to Yushan Mountain. The scenic area takes the main water surface of Shang Lake as the core and has established seven islands and islands with Hexiang Island, Diaoyu Zhu, and Taohua Island as the main natural landscapes, supplemented by plant landscaping, forming an island in the lake and a lake in the island. unique landscape. Among them, there are two artificial wetland forests with pond fir as the main body, artificial forest along the lake embankment, and swamp wetland with Myriophyllum, Vallisneria, and Echinacea as the main parts, which have become the main habitats for overwintering birds. Now the water area of ​​Shanghu Lake reaches 800 hectares. The lake surface complements the mountains and rivers of Shili Yushan Mountain. Green mountains, oasis, clear water and blue sky form a three-dimensional landscape picture. Shanghu Bay also has the largest peony garden in the south of the Yangtze River, the Sino-Japanese Friendship Cherry Garden, the Water Forest Park, the Peach Garden and other botanical gardens; it has developed animal worlds, water amusement parks, natural swimming pools, golf courses and other tourist and leisure entertainment facilities. There are currently seven resorts in the scenic area, which have become an emerging tourism, leisure and vacation base. It is an amusement and tourism center integrating vacation and leisure, entertainment and commerce, and rehabilitation and fitness.

7. What is there to do in Changshu Shanghu Scenic Area?

  Changshu is a national historical and cultural city. 2 national AAAA-level scenic spots:  

1. Yushan Shanghu Tourist Scenic Resort〖Yushan is a National Forest Park and Shanghu National Wetland Park〗 Yushan is divided into five tourist areas: Xinfeng, Weimo, Xingfu, Jianmen and Baoyan, with more than 50 attractions . Zhongyong’s Tomb is located at the east foot of Yushan Mountain. The tomb of Yanzi is located at the east foot of Yushan Mountain in Changshu. Xinfeng Pavilion is located on the top of the East Ridge of Yushan Mountain in Changshu. Jianmen Strange Rock, Fushui Qingyan, Prince Liang Zhaoming’s Reading Desk, and Yushan Taoyuan Stream. Baoyan Ecological Tourist Park and Hongdou Villa. Shanghu is located ten miles north of Yushan Mountain and east of the ancient city of Changshu. It has beautiful scenery and is called Shanghu Bay by the local people.  

2. Shajiabang Tourist Scenic Resort. There are 8 famous tourist districts in Changshu: 1. Kuncheng Lake Scenic Area (Starfish Island Paradise). 2. Square Pagoda (Chongjiao Xingfu Temple Pagoda, formerly known as Chongjiao Pagoda, and commonly known as Square Pagoda. In the Song Dynasty, it was a landmark building in the historical city of Changshu).  

3. Xingfu Temple, one of the four famous temples in the south of the Yangtze River.  

4. Guli Iron Qin and Bronze Sword Tower.  

5. The Jusha Garden Jufu Pagoda in Meili Town is located on the top of Dianshan Mountain in Haiyu Town. The Jusha Pagoda was originally called the “Jusha Baifu Pagoda” and is located at the top of the east city of Meiliji Town, close to the Changhu River.  

6. Caiyi Hall is now the “Weng Tonghe Memorial Hall”, and Zhao Yongxian’s Residence (Yushan School Guqin Art Museum) is located at No. 10, South Zhao Lane, Xijing’an District, Gucheng District, Changshu City.  

7. Changshu Garden Zeng Garden Yan Garden Zhao Garden. [Qiandixiang Ruins] is located in Xinguang Village, Xieqiao Town, 2 kilometers north of Changshu City.  

8. Celebrity tombs include the tomb of Zhongyong in the late Shang Dynasty, the tomb of Yanzi in the Spring and Autumn Period, the tomb of Huang Gongwang, the great painter of the Yuan Dynasty, the tomb of Qian Qianyi, the great literary master of the Qing Dynasty, and the tomb of his concubine Liu Rushi, the tomb of Qu Shichu, a famous official who resisted the Qing Dynasty, and the tomb of “Painting” The tomb of the holy king Shigu, the tomb of Weng Tonghe, the emperor of the two dynasties, the tomb of the novelist Zeng Pu, etc.

8. What is the view of Shanghu Lake in Changshu?

As an authentic Changshu native, I have been studying housing for five years. Among the urban areas of Changshu, Shanghu Scenic Area is not actually an urban area. Shanghu Scenic Area is still some distance from the urban area, but the South Third Ring Road Elevated Road leads to Shanghu. The scenic spot is not far away.

In the past, the development of Emerald Bay, Taigongwang, and Rose Garden have never been really popular. Now Vanke, Sunac and other real estate developers have developed Zhenwan Elegance, Puyue Elegance, Magnolia Home, Huyu Shangyuan, Jingchen Lake Garden, etc. Series of houses, sales are tepid.

I once visited Shanghu Scenic Area at night and saw how sparsely populated it was. After all, the transportation is inconvenient. The scenery by the lake is really good, but there is no market, no school, no hospital. Currently, there are very few people living there.

Next, Impression City will build another one here. I wonder if it can drive business in Shanghu Scenic Area.

From Changshu’s urban positioning, it is a fourth- and fifth-tier city with a huge housing bubble. Shanghu Scenic Area is remote, does not have the function of a school district as a cultural area, and is not as close to the urban area as Qinhu. I think it has little potential.