What attractions are there in Ningwu County?

Introduction: What are the attractions in Ningwu and the county seat 1. What are the attractions in Ningwu and the county seat 2. Where are the fun attractions in Shaoxing? 3. What are the fun places in Shaoxing?

1. What are the scenic spots and county towns in Ningwu?

The main attractions in Ningwu are in Dongzhai Town, which is 25 kilometers away from Ningwu County and can be reached by bus. The main attractions are the source of Fenhe River, Lover’s Valley, Malun Grassland, Luya Mountain, Ancient Plank Road, Hanging Coffin Plank Road, Ten Thousand Years of Frozen and another. It takes two days to visit the Tianchi Lakes.

2. What are the fun attractions in Shaoxing?

If you are from Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Anhui, and are used to people living in water towns, go to famous scenic spots such as Lu Xun’s hometown, Shen Garden, East Lake, Lanting, and Dayu Tomb. You can buy a coupon online. There are also some of the above scenic spots. All the miscellaneous small attractions are included, a total of 120 yuan. If you have more time, go to Zhuji Wuxie or Xinchang. The landscapes in these places are pretty good.

If you are coming to see the Jiangnan Water Town, then go to the hometown of Lu Xun, Cangqiao Zhi Street, the hometown of Shusheng and Anchang Ancient Town in Keqiao District. No tickets are required for these places. Then just wander around the city of Shaoxing. If you see an alley, you will be surprised. You can go to Shen Yuan to listen to the church meeting in the evening, but the ticket costs 70 yuan.

I personally feel that the attractions in Shaoxing that charge tickets are not as interesting as places that do not require tickets. Only those places can embody Shaoxing’s slogan of “the city is a scene, and the scene is a city”.

3. There are more interesting places in Shaoxing

East Lake, you may have been there.

Houshan, you may follow.

Dayu Mausoleum, think about it and go there.

Lanting is relatively leisurely, so it doesn’t matter if you go there.

If you have never been to Lu Xun’s hometown, it means you have never been to Shaoxing.

When you visit Lu Xun’s hometown, you must visit the love park – Shen Garden.

If you are interested, you can also go to Keyan Scenic Area. If you have insufficient physical strength, continue skiing at the Qiaobo Ski Resort next to it.

If you have time, you can also go to Xinchang Buddhist Temple and Chuanyan Nineteenth Peak, which are good places for filming TV.

Zhuji has produced beautiful women. Wuxie Scenic Area is a 5-star tourist area, and the environment is really nothing to say.

Shaoxing is a tourist city and a famous historical city. Everyone is welcome to visit.