What are the special delicacies in Guangxi?


It can be said to be the ancestor of Japanese sashimi. A variety of fresh river fish are used as the main ingredients. It is sliced ​​by hand. The fish on the plate is as thin as cicada wings and as white as snow, very beautiful.

In particular, the beautiful waters of Lingshan Mountain in Heng County, Guangxi have raised ecologically pollution-free river fish, which is the delicious soul of fish. The exquisite knife work makes the yusheng very beautiful. Like a work of art.

Lemon duck

For outsiders visiting Nanning, Guangxi, lemon duck is a delicacy not to be missed. It tastes sour and spicy, fresh and delicious, not greasy, very appetizing, and suitable for meals.

Glutinous Rice Pork Blood Sausage

Pork blood sausage will have different flavors depending on the ingredients you choose. Glutinous rice pig blood sausage is a popular delicacy among people in Chongzuo, Guangxi. It is made with pig blood, glutinous rice and peanuts. It can be eaten directly after being steamed. It tastes very good and is cheap and affordable. It is a very good special snack. .

Blanched chicken

The white-cut chicken of Bobai in Yulin, Guangxi is a signature dish of Guangxi cuisine. When walking in major cities in Guangxi, you will often find the signature word “Bobai flavor”. The production of Bobai Baiqie pays attention to the original flavor, using the simplest method to retain the original taste of the ingredients.

Beihai shrimp cake

Beihai shrimp cake is a particularly famous snack in Beihai, Guangxi. It has a unique taste, with the crispiness of fried noodles and the umami taste of delicious shrimp. This shrimp is a small shrimp produced locally in Beihai. The fried shrimp is very crispy. Even if you eat the whole shrimp with the shell, you won’t be afraid of breaking your mouth.

sour food

There is a funny saying in Guangxi, “It is difficult for a hero to be a beauty, and it is difficult for a beauty to be in a sour food stall.” Especially women’s love for sour food is like an endless river, not only various vegetables such as lotus root, radish, celery, cabbage, Cucumbers can be pickled, and various fruits such as pineapple, apple, papaya, and mango are sour and sweet after pickling, crisp and refreshing, and can’t help but make people salivate.

Vinegar duck

This is a daily summer food in Jeonju and has detoxification and beauty effects. Using duck meat as raw material, the duck is killed and bled, and vinegar is added to the duck blood to prevent it from coagulating. The duck is cleaned and chopped. Stir-fry over high heat first, then simmer over low heat. Add duck blood before cooking the duck meat and stir-fry until the duck blood is cooked. This dish is sweet and delicious. Bitter melon can be used to cook it, which is refreshing and delicious.

Braised pork whip

Using the “oil-based” process, we select chewy ingredients. Based on the traditional braised food production process, we carefully extract linoleic acid from nutritious and healthy food oil, and remove odors from the ingredients through 36 complex processes, which will be rich in content. The linoleic acid oil is marinated into the pig whip. The braised pork whip made by this process has a unique taste, crispy texture, rich in linoleic acid, delicious and healthy!

snail noodles

Liuzhou’s snail noodles are world-famous, and Liuzhou’s snail noodles are famous all over the country. The snail noodles have a unique flavor of sour, spicy, fresh, refreshing and hot. A bowl of noodles is topped with sour bamboo shoots, fungus, peanuts, fried yuba, and fresh and tender snail noodles. It is made of green vegetables and other ingredients, plus a special hot and sour flavor and boiled snail soup. It often makes people sweat profusely after eating it, but because of the unique and delicious snail soup, it makes people want to stop.

Lipu Taro Braised Pork 

This dish must use taro produced in Lipu, Guangxi to be authentic. The sweet and soft taro is steamed with the pork belly slices. The taro absorbs the fresh juice of the meat and is full of soft and fragrant flavor. It is very delicious.

Nanning Rice Noodle

Laoyoufen is one of the most famous delicacies in Nanning. You can see Laoyoufen shops in the streets and alleys of Nanning. Laoyou noodles are spicy and sour, very tasty, the soup is rich, the noodles have a good texture and are very delicious.

Guangxi’s specialty delicacies include snail noodles, sea duck eggs, lemon duck, fragrant pig, glutinous rice and pig blood sausage, as well as Guangxi’s very special braised pork and other delicacies.