How much is the ticket price for Yingde Baojing Palace (detailed introduction to ticket prices and ticket purchase methods)

Yingde Baojing Palace is a tourist attraction in Yingde City, Guangdong Province. It is a complex of antique buildings with simple, elegant and magnificent architectural style. Baojing Palace collects a large number of cultural relics and works of art and is an attraction with rich cultural heritage. So, how much does a ticket to Yingde Baojing Palace cost? Here to tell you about.

1. Ticket price

Ticket prices for Yingde Baojing Palace are relatively reasonable, with adult tickets priced at 60 yuan/person and children’s tickets priced at 30 yuan/person. At the same time, there are also discounted packages, including Baojing Palace + Museum Package, Baojing Palace + Shipailing Scenic Area Package, etc., and the price is more favorable than purchasing tickets individually.

2. How to purchase tickets

1. Purchase tickets on site

Visitors can buy tickets at the ticket office at the entrance of Yingde Baojing Palace, and payment can be made with cash, Alipay, WeChat, etc.

2. Purchase tickets online

Visitors can purchase tickets through the official website of Baojing Palace or other online travel platforms, and there are also a variety of payment methods.

3. Precautions

1. The opening hours of Baojing Palace are 830 in the morning and 530 in the afternoon. Visitors are advised to arrange their itinerary in advance.

2. Tourists are required to undergo a security check before entering Baojing Palace, and it is prohibited to carry flammable and explosive items, weapons and other dangerous goods.

3. Visitors must abide by relevant regulations when entering Baojing Palace and are not allowed to touch cultural relics, graffiti, etc.

In short, Yingde Baojing Palace is an attraction with rich cultural connotations. Tourists must understand the ticket prices and purchase methods before visiting so as to better plan their itinerary. I hope everyone can appreciate the profoundness of Guangdong traditional culture in Baojing Palace.