On which subway line are Wuhan tourist attractions located? On which line is Wuhan station?

Introduction: What subway line is Wuhan tourist attractions on? What is the subway line on which Wuhan Station is? 1. What line is Wuhan Station on? 2. What is the subway line on Wuhan Station? 3. What is the subway No. on Wuhan Station? 4. What is the subway number on Wuhan Station? Online subway 5. How many lines does Wuhan Metro have? 6. What is the subway number in Wuhan? 7. What is the subway line in Wuhan station? 8. Wuhan subway line map. What line is Wuhan station in? 9. What line is there in Wuhan to get to Wuhan station? 10. Which line does Wuhan Station take? 11. What line does Wuhan Metro Station take?

1. On which line does Wuhan stand?

There is no time for the Wuhan maglev train to open to traffic.

Wuhan Metro Line 19 was once rumored to adopt a maglev system, but the system approved by the state is a fast rail. According to the preliminary design of Line 19 approved by the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Line 19 is designed to have a maximum operating speed of 120km/h, with conditions reserved for later increases to 140km/h, and the power supply will be powered by a catenary.

Line 19 is a rail transit urban line in Wuhan. It is a rapid rail transit that serves high-tech zones, high-speed railways and airports and is adapted to the urban characteristics of Wuhan’s line network. Line 19 passes through Yangchun Lake Sub-Center, Qingshan District Wudong, Huazhong Industrial Park, Huashan Eco-City, and Optics Valley Central City. The total length of the line is 24.7km, all of which are underground sections and underground stations, with an average station spacing of 3km.

2. What is the line number of Wuhan Station?

Bus line: W408 → Rail Transit Line 2 → Rail Transit Line 4, the total distance is about 22.7 kilometers

1. Walk about 380 meters from Wuhan City to Shengli Street Yiyuan Road Station

2. Take Route W408, go through 4 stops, and arrive at Zhongshan Avenue Subway Jianghan Road Station (you can also take Route 24, Route 581, Route 2, or Route 711)

3. Walk about 350 meters to Jianghan Road Station

4. Take Metro Line 2, go through 4 stations, and arrive at Hongshan Square Station

5. Take Metro Line 4, go through 11 stations, and arrive at Wuhan Railway Station

6. Walk about 290 meters to reach Wuhan Station

3. What is the subway number of Wuhan Station?

The Wuhan High-speed Railway Station is located on the south side of Yangchun Lake in Hongshan District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province. There is a subway station on the underground floor of Wuhan Station, called Wuhan Railway Station. It is the terminal station of Wuhan Metro Line 4 in the Wuchang direction. Passengers can transfer to Wuhan Metro Line 2 at Hongshan Square Station and Zhongnan Road Station to go to Tianhe Airport (Hankou Railway Station) and Optics Valley Square respectively. They can also go to Wuchang Railway Station to take trains to various parts of the country. Extended information The historical evolution of Wuhan Station In terms of historical planning, Wuhan Station was once located in Luobu Tsui because the terrain of Luobu Tsui was higher than that of Yangchun Lake, and roadbed works could be done directly on it. However, the railway line selected for Lobu Tsui must pass through the East Lake Scenic Area, which will have an impact on the East Lake. However, Yang Chun Lake has a low terrain and needs bridge construction. The investment in the project is nearly NT$1 billion more than that in Lok Puk Tsui. However, the railway line passes through the edge of the East Lake Scenic Area, cutting the scenic area to the smallest area (4.4 square kilometers), which can protect the scenic area to the greatest extent; and the line is straight, basically avoiding the buildings along the line. After consultations between the former Ministry of Railways and the provincial and municipal governments, a consensus was reached to protect the East Lake to the maximum extent. In August 2004, Yangchun Lake was selected as the site for Wuhan Station. The station is adjacent to the city’s Third Ring Expressway to the east, 7.5 kilometers from Xudong Road, the city’s inner ring road, to the west, 17 kilometers from Hankou Xunlimen, 12 kilometers from Wuchang Hongshan Square, and 22 kilometers from Hanyang Zhongjia Village. On September 28, 2006, Wuhan Station and its urban comprehensive supporting projects officially started construction, with a total investment of more than 14 billion yuan. On March 30, 2009, the main steel structure arch of Wuhan Station was completed. On December 26, 2009, Wuhan Station was officially put into use. On that day, only one of the four ticket halls of Wuhan Station (Ticket Hall 2) was available for use, and only the east arrival hall of the two arrival halls was available. On December 28, 2013, the first phase of Wuhan Metro Line 4 was opened. Wuhan Station joined the Wuhan Metro network and transferred to Wuhan Metro Line 2, which can realize seamless connection between Wuchang Station, Hankou Station and Wuhan Station.

4. Which subway line does Wuhan station take?

There is a subway at Wuhan Station, Line 4. You can walk directly to the elevator in the station to the high-speed rail waiting room of Wuhan Station. The subway lines in the main urban area of ​​Wuhan are: Line 1, Line 2, Line 3, Line 4, Line 5, and Line 6. Line 7, Line 8, Line 2 and Line 7 can all be transferred to Line 4.

From Wuchang Railway Station, you can take Line 4 directly to Wuhan Station. From Hankou Railway Station, you can take Line 2 and transfer to Line 4. There are many parking spaces at Wuhan Station.

5. How many lines does Wuhan Metro have?

Wuhan Metro Line 7 runs from the north of the Garden Expo Park to the Qinglongshan Metro Town. Mainly through Garden Expo North, Garden Expo, Chang Wharf, Wuhan Business District, Wangjiadun East, Qishui Building, Hong Kong Road, Sanyang Road, Xujiapeng, Hubei University, Xinhe Street, Crab Cape, Xiaodongmen , Wuchang Railway Station, Ruian Street, Jian’an Street, Hugong University, Banqiao, Yezhi Lake, Xinlu Village, Dahualing, Jiangxia Living Room, Tan Xinpei Park, Beihua Street, Zhifang Street, Qinglongshan Metro Town, in total 26 stops.

6. What is the subway number in Wuhan?

Hankou North, Shekou New Town, Tengzigang, Dijiang, Xinrong, Danchichi, Xuzhou New Village, Erqi Road, Toudao Street, Huangpu Road, Sanyang Road, Dazhi Road, Xunlimen, Youyi Road, Li Jibei Road, Chongren Road, Qiaokou Road, Pacific, Zongguan, Hanxi 1st Road, Gutian 4th Road, Gutian 3rd Road, Gutian 2nd Road, Gutian 1st Road, Duoluokou, Zhuyehai, Forehead Bay, Fifth Ring Road, Dongwu Avenue, Piertan Park, Sandian, Jinghe

7. On which line does Wuhan station have a subway?

About 1 hour Bus line: Rail Transit Line 4 → Rail Transit Line 2, the total journey is about 26.9 kilometers 1. Walk about 10 meters from Wuhan Railway Station to Wuhan Railway Station 2. Take Rail Transit Line 4 and pass through 11 stations , arrive at Hongshan Square Station 3. Take Metro Line 2, and after 10 stops, arrive at Hankou Railway Station 4. Walk about 270 meters to Hankou Station

8. Wuhan Metro Line Map: What is the line number of Wuhan Station?

Bus line: Rail Transit Line 4 → Rail Transit Line 6, the total journey is about 25.4 kilometers 1. From Wuhan Railway Station 2. Take Rail Transit Line 4 and go through 18 stations to Zhongjiacun Station 3. Walk about 200 meters and change Take Metro Line 6 4. Take Metro Line 6 and go through 3 stations to Hanzheng Street Station

9. Which line can Wuhan take to Wuhan Station?

Which direction does it take to take Wuhan Metro Line 4 to Wuhan Station? If you are heading towards Wuchang, you can go to Wuchang Railway Station and take the No. 4 Electric Railway Line, or take the No. 7 Subway to Wuchang Railway Station and transfer to the No. 4 Subway.

If you are in Hankou, you can take Metro Line 2 to Wuchang Railway Station, or transfer to Line 4 at Shahu Metro Station to reach Wuhan Railway Station.

Then there are many transfer stations to the No. 4 subway line. There are several stops, which is Xiaodong. There are several transfer places

10. Which line should I take at Wuhan Station?

Hankou Station is relatively close to Wuchang Station.

From Hankou Station to Wuchang Station, you can take bus No. 10 and subway line 2 at Hongshan Square Station and transfer to subway line 4 to Wuchang Station. If the taxi goes smoothly, it will cost about 33 yuan and take 35 minutes.

Wuhan Station-Wuchang Station can be reached directly by taking Metro Line 4. If the taxi goes smoothly, it will cost about 36 yuan and take 35 minutes.

11. What is the line number of Wuhan Metro Station?

From yx610 Hankou Railway Station, take Line 2 toward Optics Valley Square (10 stops) Fan Lake → Wangjiadun East → Qingnian Road → Zhongshan Park → Xunlimen → Jianghan Road → Jiyu Bridge → Crab Cape → Xiaoguishan → Arrive Get off at Hongshan Square and transfer to Line 4 toward Wuhan Railway Station (11 stops) Chuhehan Street → Qingyuzui → Dongting → Yuejiazui → Tieji Road → Luojiagang → Yuanlin Road → Renhe Road → Gongye 4th Road → Yangchun Lake → Arrive at Wuhan Railway Station