Introduction to Shapotou tourist attractions in Ningxia – Must-visit tourist attractions in Shapotou, Ningxia

Introduction: Introduction to Ningxia Shapotou Tourist Attractions – Ningxia Shapotou Tourist Guide Must-Visit Attractions 1. Ningxia Shapotou Tourist Guide Must-Visit Attractions 2. Ningxia Shapotou Self-driving Tour Best Route Map 3. Ningxia Shapotou Tourist Guide 4. Tickets for Ningxia Shapotou Scenic Area 5. How to get to Ningxia Shapotou

1. Must-visit tourist attractions in Shapotou, Ningxia

Shapotou is a 5A-level tourist attraction with the ancient Yellow River, desert, and sand mountains. It has picturesque scenery. In addition, for more than 40 years, desert control experts and the people have created desert control projects to make the railway safe and smooth. They have locked salons and opened oases. This miracle has benefited the people of Zhongwei and made Shapotou famous at home and abroad. Zhongwei Tengger Wetland Water Conservancy Scenic Area is located in Zhongwei City, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. It is built on the Tengger Lake in Zhongwei City. It is a wetland type water conservancy scenic area with a planned area of ​​22 square kilometers.


2. The best route map for self-driving tour in Shapotou, Ningxia

The key to self-driving travel is to choose a good route, and the choice of route is very important. At the same time, the pace of the tour should be arranged. It is better not to be fast or slow. The key is to be happy and relaxed. Finally, take safety measures. The vehicle must be inspected and first aid equipment must be prepared.

3. Travel guide to Shapotou, Ningxia

[Shapotou] Shapotou Tourist Area is located 20 kilometers west of Zhongwei City, Ningxia. There is a special bus to Shapotou from Zhongwei Bus Station. Take the special bus from Zhongwei Bus Station to Shapotou. The fare is 4 yuan. Along the way Stop, takes about 40 minutes. Self-driving tourists can exit Zhongwei City to the west and go straight along Yingbin Avenue. Shapotou Tourist Area is divided into two parts by the Baotou-Lanzhou Railway. The southern part is adjacent to the Yellow River and is a water sports tourist area. It provides tourism projects such as sheepskin rafting and zipline flying over the Yellow River. The northern part is bordered by the Tengger Desert and is a desert activity tourist area. Offers tours such as desert scooters and camel rides. A joint ticket for two areas is 65 yuan (in 2008), and travel items need to be paid separately.

4. Tickets for Shapotou Scenic Area in Ningxia

Personally, I think Shapotou is a trap.

The ticket is of no use other than to see the first bend of the Yellow River. Various charging items start as soon as you enter the door, and all the items on the sand are charged. You can follow Shapotou’s official account to check the latest charges. There is a toll sign at the entrance: In fact, this section of the road only takes about ten minutes to walk. When the weather is good, it is quite comfortable to walk along and look at the flowers and river views. If there is a tour guide on site, you can only I will recommend you to buy the most expensive ticket! The entire scenic spot is divided into the Yellow River area and the desert area. Entering from the main gate is the Yellow River area, which is also the southeast corner of the entire scenic area. Take a speedboat, walk or battery car along the Yellow River to the west to reach a sandy slope up to 100 meters wide. All the activities in the Yellow River area are The projects are all concentrated here in this piece of sand, and there is nothing else. There is a tunnel from the viewing platform to the desert area on the other side. Tickets must be checked when entering and exiting on both sides of the tunnel (you are obviously in a scenic spot, what is there to check? And the attitude is bad), we walked through and took a look. In addition to the toll sign, I didn’t even look at the desert. The staff said that I must buy a 20 yuan round trip battery car to enter the desert and then play various activities. The projects in the desert are similar to those in Tonghu Grassland, so we didn’t even see the desert in Shapotou. I didn’t go to Shahu at that time. You can read other people’s guides. Anyway, I had a very bad impression of Shapotou.

5. How to get to Shapotou, Ningxia


First, take a train from Yinchuan to Zhongwei. From Zhongwei Bus Station, take a special bus bound for Shapotou. It runs every half an hour. The fare is 3 yuan and the journey takes about 1 hour. You can also take a taxi from Zhongwei, and the one-way fare is about 20 yuan. Self-driving Shapotou self-driving route: (1) Taiyuan to Shapotou self-driving route:: Taiyuan–Qingyin Expressway–Wubao–Dingbian–Jingbian–Yinchuan–Zhongying Expressway– Central defender. Note: Via Xinghua Village Service Area, Wubao Service Area, Zizhou Service Area, Dingbian Service Area, Yinchuan (full expressway) Taiyuan —— Yinchuan 8 hours Yinchuan —— Zhongwei 2 hours (2 ) Lanzhou to Shapotou self-driving route: Lanzhou – Zhongchuan (66 kilometers) full expressway – Jingtai (96 kilometers) national highway – Shapotou (132 kilometers) national highway Lanzhou – Shapotou 3 hours (3) Self-driving route from Qinghai to Shapotou: Qinghai – Heshuo (56 kilometers) Expressway – Jingtai (131 kilometers) National Highway – Shapotou (132 kilometers) Shapotou Tourist Area is located 20 kilometers west of Zhongwei City, Ningxia, Zhongwei There is a special bus to Shapotou from the bus station, which runs every half hour. Self-driving tourists can exit Zhongwei City to the west and go straight along Yingbin Avenue.

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