One-day self-driving tour guide to Mangshan Mountain Self-driving tour guide to Mangshan Mountain

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1. Mangshan self-driving tour guide

You can drive in through the gate of the park. You basically need to drive to visit Mangshan. There are still some distances between several scenic spots. If you don’t drive, you will be killed and there is basically nothing to do. It is only convenient to drive.

2. The latest one-day guide to Mangshan self-driving tour

  Recommended self-driving tour routes in Chenzhou Mangshan National Forest Park

  (1) Route from Guangzhou/Foshan to Mangshan Forest Park

  Guangzhou/Foshan→Guangqing Expressway→Qinglian Expressway→Yilian Expressway→Huangsha Exit→Huangmang Express→Mangshan Forest Park

  Guangzhou/Foshan→Guangqing Expressway→Guangle Expressway→Pingshi West Exit and go right to National Highway 107→Huangmang Express→Mangshan Forest Park

  (2) Route from Shenzhen/Dongguan to Mangshan Forest Park

  Shenzhen/Dongguan→Guangzhou-Shenzhen Expressway→Guangzhou North Second Ring Road→Airport Expressway→Guangle Expressway→Pingshi West Exit and go right to National Highway 107→Huangmang Express→Mangshan Forest Park.

  (3) Route from Jiangmen/Zhongshan/Sanshui/Zhaoqing to Mangshan Forest Park

  Jiangmen/Zhongshan/Sanshui/Zhaoqing → Erguang Expressway → Liannan Exit → Qinglian Expressway → Yilian Expressway → Huangsha Exit → Huangmang Express → Mangshan Forest Park.

  (4) Route from Changsha/Zhuzhou/Xiangtan/Chenzhou/Hengyang to Mangshan Forest Park

  Changsha/Zhuzhou/Xiangtan/Hengyang→Yuelin Expressway→Yifeng Expressway→Huangsha Exit→Huangmang Express→Mangshan Forest Park.

  Chenzhou → Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway → Yilian Expressway → Huangsha Exit → Huangmang Express → Mangshan Forest Park.

  (Remarks: Huangmang Express Line exits the expressway at Huangshakou, turns left, then goes straight through the intersection and goes straight to the Huangmang Line)

3. One-day self-driving tour guide to Mangshan Mountain

Take Changsha Expressway from Yuelu Avenue, go 2 kilometers ahead of the toll station and turn right onto Yuelin Expressway (towards Linwu)

Go straight for 382.5Km and turn into Yilian Expressway at Huangsha Interchange

Drive along the Yilian Expressway for 3.2 kilometers, exit from the Huangsha/Yingchun/S067 exit and turn slightly left onto the ramp.

Tolls for the entire road section

4) Follow the ramp for 910 meters and turn left into X067

5) Drive along X067 for 1.9 kilometers and turn left into G107

6) Drive along G107 for 11.7 kilometers, turn right and enter X088——(note that the Ya intersection here is very inconspicuous. Once you cross 2 kilometers and reach Yiliu Town, you have to turn around and go back)

The road from 088 through Tiantang Township to the end is a winding mountain road with sharp turns, steep slopes, narrow roads and poor visibility. Pay attention to safety and drive slowly.

4. One-day tour guide to Mangshan

It can’t be completed in one day, time is tight, and there are many natural and cultural landscapes, so it is recommended to visit it in two days.

Mangshan National Forest Park is named after pythons and vast forests. It is located in the middle section of the Nanling Mountains at the junction of Hunan and Guangdong, at the southernmost tip of Yizhang County, Hunan, with an average annual temperature of 17.2°C. The total area of ​​Mangshan National Forest Park is 20,000 hectares. The forest coverage rate is 92.8%, the living tree volume is 1.68 million cubic meters, there are more than 2,700 species of higher plants, and more than 300 species of vertebrates, including more than 50 species of key animals and plants protected by the state. Bian Toutiao Lai

5. One-day self-driving tour route in Mangshan

The park is 320 kilometers away from Guangzhou, with a highway all the way, and the provincial road into Mangshan is also beautiful and clean. There are two types of tickets, one for 3 attractions (Monkey King Village, Tiantai Mountain, Jiangjun Village) for 80 yuan, and one for 190 yuan for an additional spot (Five Zhi Feng). If you want to visit the first three scenic spots, you can go in early and leave in the afternoon. Here I recommend 2 to 3 days to visit at a slower pace.

There are many hotels outside the park entrance, and I prefer staying in them. On the first day, we stayed at the Mangshan Forest Hotel in the park. This hotel was originally state-owned and is currently undergoing renovations pending approval. The facilities are very old and there is no TV or Wi-Fi. The best thing about it is that the rooms and the hotel are very spacious. The location is the best, at the entrance of Jiangjunzhai, the deepest. It takes 40 minutes to take the park shuttle bus from the gate. The mountain road is not bad, but rough. The next day, we stayed at the Xiangsi Inn at the intersection of Shanzhongyao. It was a newly opened private hotel and the room was relatively small. The best hotels in the park are these two, and there may be one or two B&Bs. There is a Hunan local cuisine restaurant in both places, the prices are affordable, the portions are large and the food is delicious. Tourists can drive into the mountain on weekdays, but it is best to inquire in advance during holidays. You can park your car in the park parking lot for free, and buy a ticket to take the park shuttle bus.

The reason why I recommend everyone to visit is because each of the four scenic spots in Mangshan has a different flavor and is beautiful.

To enter the park, you can first go to the Monkey King Village, 300 meters away from the park gate, and walk up the valley plank road, which takes about 2 to 4 hours. There are dozens of large and small waterfalls sandwiched between the peaks on both sides. The water is clear, the deep pool is green, and the sound of the water is either roaring or pattering.

6. Mangshan Travel Guide Self-driving Tour Tickets

Tickets are 104 yuan, one-ticket system, including all picturesque scenery, rafting is 188 yuan, and it takes about 6 hours to drive to Shenzhen on a high-speed highway.