A ranking of Wuhan’s famous attractions. How many have you visited?

This article mainly involves the ranking of Wuhan attractions and the question of whether you have been there.

1. Wuhan Yellow Crane Tower is one of the landmark buildings in Wuhan and one of the most popular tourist attractions. The Yellow Crane Tower was built in 223 AD. After many renovations, it has now become one of Wuhan’s representative attractions. Have you been?

2. Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge is the main channel connecting Hankou and Hanyang. It is also the first large-scale road-rail dual-use bridge designed and constructed by the People’s Republic of China. After the completion of the Yangtze River Bridge, it not only made it easier for citizens to travel, but also became a tourist attraction. Have you been?

3. Wuhan East Lake Scenic Area is one of the scenic spots in Wuhan. With East Lake as the center, it includes many scenic spots, such as Mao Zedong’s former residence, Lu Xun’s former residence, etc. There are also various entertainment facilities in the scenic area, such as yachts, bicycles, swimming, etc., making it a good place for citizens to relax and vacation. Have you been?

4. Wuhan Hubu Lane is an old street with a long history and a strong Jiangnan water town style. There are many traditional buildings and shops in the alley, such as family courtyards, antique markets, etc. Wandering among them makes you feel like you are in the old city of Wuhan. Have you been?

5. Wuhan Wuhan Museum is a comprehensive museum in Wuhan. It collects a large number of cultural relics and historical relics and displays the history and culture of Wuhan. There are also various interactive exhibitions in the museum, which are suitable for the whole family to visit. Have you been?

In short, Wuhan has rich history, culture and natural scenery and is worth a visit. Whether you have been there or not, you can explore the charm of this city in your spare time.