The Shengsi Islands are seriously robbing tourists (investigation report on local tourism chaos)

1. What is the phenomenon of customer rip-off in Shengsi Islands?

The phenomenon of customer rip-off on the Shengsi Islands refers to the behavior of local tourism practitioners using unfair means such as fraud, extortion, and forced consumption in tourists’ consumption. For example, charging exorbitant prices, forcing tourists to shop, etc.

2. Why are the Shengsi Islands prone to customer rip-offs?

The economy of the Shengsi Islands mainly relies on tourism, but the supervision of the local tourism market is not strict enough and the quality of employees is uneven, resulting in the phenomenon of rip-offs.

3. What impact does the phenomenon of customer rip-off have on tourists?

The phenomenon of offloading greatly reduces tourists’ travel experience and seriously affects tourists’ perception and evaluation of local tourism image. The dissatisfaction and resistance caused by tourists being ripped off will also have a negative impact on the local tourism industry.

4. How to avoid being ripped off?

Tourists can avoid being defrauded by understanding the local tourism market conditions in advance, clarifying their consumption budget and needs, choosing a regular travel company or consulting the local tourism bureau. During the travel process, tourists should remain vigilant and avoid trusting the recommendations and persuasion of strangers.

5. What measures should the local *** take to solve the phenomenon of customer rip-off?

Local governments should strengthen tourism market supervision, intensify the crackdown on customer rip-offs, and at the same time strengthen the training and supervision of employees, improve the professional quality of employees, and establish a good tourism image. *** Tourism enterprises should also be encouraged and guided to operate in a legal and compliant manner to provide tourists with better services.