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Introduction: Tourist bus parameters Tourist bus types 1. Tourist bus types 2. What are the types of tourist buses 3. Tourist bus specifications 4. What are the types of tourist buses 5. How many seats does the largest tourist bus have? 6. What types of tourist buses are there? 7. Types of tourist buses 8. Pictures of types of tourist buses 9. What kind of vehicles do tourist buses belong to? 10. Types of buses

1. Types of tourist buses

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2. What types of tourist buses are there?

You can check the buses at the train station through various software. Common ones include WeChat, QQ, Alipay, and Taobao. 1. Open payment on WeChat, select the third-party service train tickets, and click on bus tickets to check the shuttle bus situation information from counties across the country to small places.

2. Alipay searches for bus tickets at the top and selects the first city service. Just select the destination directly. It is recommended to use Fliggy to buy bus tickets because of the discount.

3. Open Taobao. There is a Feizhu Travel. Click on Thallium and you will see a bus ticket. You can also see county-level shuttle bus situation information. Needless to say, Taobao offers discounts.

4. qq. This one is more complicated than the first three. Open QQ wallet, click on all applications and scroll down to the bottom to see the bus ticket. It can also be done

3. Tour bus specifications

Vehicle parameters/information

Announcement model ZK6107HNZ1

Purpose Passenger bus, tourist bus, group bus

Body length 10490mm

Body width 2500mm

Body height 3480, 3580mm

Vehicle weight 12000kg

Total mass 16500kg

Number of seats: 24-47

Maximum speed 100km/h

Air conditioning system standard: Kelin air conditioner; optional: Songzhi air conditioner

Standard audio-visual system: hard disk player, front 19-inch fixed LCD color display; optional: radio/radio player

Standard auxiliary configuration: automatic fire extinguishing equipment in the engine compartment, engine compartment temperature alarm, retarder temperature alarm device, engine cruise control, intelligent fuel-saving system; optional: driver fan

Engine/motor parameters

Engine WP7NG210E50

Engine power 155kw

Engine brand Weichai Power Xigang (Weifang) New Energy Engine Co., Ltd.

Chassis parameters/configuration

Chassis model ZK6107CRNZ1 Category III Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Co., Ltd.

Front suspension and rear suspension 2090/3150mm

Number of spring leaves 8/9,-/-

Standard gearbox: Fast six-speed mechanical gearbox, double flexible shaft remote control; optional: Qijiang gearbox

Number of axes 2

Wheelbase 5250mm

Axle load 5600/10900kg

Front wheelbase 2020mm

Rear wheelbase 1832mm

Approach departure angle 9/9°


Number of tires 6

Specification 11R22.5

4. What are the types of tourist buses?

Operating vehicles include: passenger cars, trucks, tractors, trailers, and semi-trailers. They are the basic tools for automobile transportation companies to engage in transportation production. Classification:

1. Operation passenger cars are cars used for commercial passenger transportation, and are divided into two categories: passenger cars and passenger cars according to type;

2. Operating trucks refer to freight vehicles (including passenger and cargo vehicles) used for transporting or leasing goods and collecting freight or rent directly or indirectly.

5. How many seats does the largest tourist bus have?

Yutong’s most expensive luxury bus is model zk6126hqd9, a 63-seat extended cantilever bus. The car is 12.7 meters long and costs 950,000-1.05 million yuan. The interior of the car is quite luxurious for a large bus, and the appearance and function of the whole vehicle are quite excellent.

6. What types of tourist buses are there?

To buy a bus and travel by car, you need to apply for inter-provincial and inter-city road passenger transport (shuttle bus, chartered passenger transport, tourist passenger transport) and line operation licenses. Taking Shandong Province as an example, the application requires the driver’s driver’s license and professional qualification certificate and their copies, as well as a certificate issued by the public security department showing that there have been no major traffic liability accidents within 3 years. It also needs to comply with the following regulations:

1. Relevant regulations on passenger cars: There are passenger cars that are suitable for its business operations and have passed the test:

1. Passenger car technical requirements:

①The technical performance complies with the requirements of the national standard “Comprehensive Performance Requirements and Inspection Methods for Commercial Vehicles” (GB18565);

② The outer dimensions, axle load and quality meet the requirements of the national standard “Road Vehicle Outer Dimensions, Axle Load and Mass Limits” (GB1589);

7. Tour bus types

Divided according to different standards: According to the number of passenger seats, they are divided into three types: large, medium and small.

According to the value of the bus and its comfort level, large buses are divided into five classes: high-class three, high-class two, high-class one, intermediate class, and ordinary class; medium-sized buses are divided into four classes: high-class two, high-class first class, intermediate class, and ordinary class; Small passenger cars are divided into four classes: high-class, high-class, intermediate class and ordinary class. Among them, high-level three, high-level two, high-level one, intermediate level and ordinary level are distinguished according to the “Classification and Rating of Operating Passenger Vehicle Types”.

8. Pictures of tourist bus types

Passenger buses can be divided into tourist buses, city buses, highway buses and special buses according to their uses.

  Tourist bus: A small passenger car with no more than 17 seats. Based on its appearance, it is commonly known as “van” in China. Tour buses are flexible and have high ride comfort.

  City bus: a large bus that travels in cities and suburbs. The most common one is city bus. In addition to seats, the carriages also have wider passages for passengers to stand and move around. The carriages of some city buses are divided into upper and lower floors. The upper floors are all equipped with seats, and the lower floors are equipped with seats and standing spaces. Double-decker buses can carry more passengers than single-decker buses, but have a higher center of gravity and poorer driving stability.

  Highway buses: Large buses that travel on highways between cities or towns. It can be divided into long-distance buses and short-distance buses. The transportation distance of long-distance buses is hundreds of kilometers. Some carriages are all equipped with seats; some are all equipped with bunks, so they are commonly known as “sleeper cars”, and there are luggage racks or luggage compartments for storing passengers’ carry-on luggage. The transportation distance of short-distance buses is only tens of kilometers. In addition to seats, there are also standing places in the carriage. The storage racks dedicated to storing luggage are generally very small or even non-existent.

  Tour bus: used for sightseeing and sightseeing. The distance between seats is large, the ride is comfortable, the field of view is wide, and ventilation, heating and cooling equipment are generally provided. High-end long-distance tourist buses also have sleepers, bathrooms, kitchens and entertainment rooms.

  Railway passenger cars are “vehicles used to carry passengers on railways and highways. Passenger cars on railways also include dining cars, postal cars and luggage cars. Currently, common passenger car models in China’s railways are 22B, 25B, 25G, 25K, and 25T.

  School Bus: A school bus is a means of transportation used to transport students to and from school. The Office of the Work Safety Commission of the State Council of China pointed out in the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan for Road Traffic Safety” that it is necessary to establish and improve the legal and regulatory system and safety management system for school bus safety management, clarify the priority of school buses, strengthen school bus supervision, and ensure school bus safety; Shu It also stipulates that school buses must be equipped with satellite positioning and speed limiting devices.

  By bus length

  Vehicle length >12 m A, city B, long-distance C, tourism D, articulated E, trolleybus F, off-road G, special H, others

  10 m<length≤12 m A, city B, long-distance C, tourism D, articulated E, trolleybus F, off-road G, special H, others

  9 m<Length≤10 m A, City B, Long-distance C, Tourism E, Trolleybus F, Off-road G, Special H, Others

  8 m<Length≤9 m A, City B, Long-distance C, Tourism E, Trolleybus F, Off-road G, Special H, Others

  7 m<Length≤8 m A, City B, Long-distance C, Tourism E, Trolleybus F, Off-road G, Special H, Others

  6 m<vehicle length≤7 m A, city B, long-distance C, tourism F, off-road G, special H, others

  Vehicle length ≤ 6 m A, city B, long-distance C, tourism

9. What kind of vehicle does a tour bus belong to?

The purpose of the tourist bus is to take tourists from the departure point to a certain tourist attraction. After the tour is completed, they will take them to the next attraction. After visiting all the scenic spots, they will return directly to the original departure point. No other passengers will be picked up along the way. Buses generally have fixed dedicated lines, taking passengers from the origin to the destination. Of course, some buses can pick up and disembark passengers midway, and some buses are direct, non-stop on the way, and go straight to the destination!

10. Types of buses

Car model classification

Passenger buses are divided into seat buses and sleeper buses based on seating modes. Seat buses are divided into three types: large, medium and small according to the number of seats they carry.

According to the value of the bus and its comfort level, large-seat buses are divided into five levels: high-level three, high-level two, high-level one, mid-level, and ordinary level; (respectively: large-high 3, large-high 2, large-high 1, large-medium 1 , Dapu, in fact, there are very few mid-level and ordinary-level large commercial vehicles now)

Medium-sized passenger buses are divided into four classes: high class 2, high class 1, mid-class, and ordinary class; (respectively, they are medium-high 2, medium-high 1, medium-medium 1, and medium-general)

Small-seat buses are divided into four classes: high-class, high-class, intermediate class and ordinary class. (There are few commercial vehicles for small cars anymore)

Sleeper cars are divided into three categories: ordinary class, intermediate class and high class.

Dagao 3 is the highest level (that is, the best, but the seats are not comparable to sleepers). The specific classification is based on the vehicle’s turntable, ventilation system, air conditioning system, seat comfort and other indicators. For the passengers, In terms of comfort, in fact, the comfort of new cars is very good, but the comfort of old cars is much worse.