Cruise ship Miracle of the Seas route Century Myth cruise guide

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1. Guide to Century Myth Cruise Ship

At present, all ships of the Gold series, President 7, President 8, Century Myth and Legend, all have swimming pools. The outdoor swimming pools of the Gold series are free, and the indoor swimming pools of other ships require a fee. Generally, it is about It costs about 80 yuan per trip, and you can also cover the entire voyage for about 200 yuan per trip. If you want to choose a cruise ship with rich entertainment facilities, it is recommended that you choose a super five-star cruise ship.

2. Century Myth Legend Cruise Ship

1. Chinese Goddess No. 3

China Goddess 3 will be launched in 2021, with a total tonnage of 17,000 tons, a cruise ship of 149.99 meters, a width of 23.2 meters, and a capacity of 650 passengers.

Cruise ship facilities: gym, cigar bar, Internet club, beauty salon, foot bath, bar, Chinese and Western medical center, multi-functional hall, chess and card room, reading room, Chinese and Western restaurants, large theater and simultaneous interpretation conference hall and other business and entertainment Leisure facilities, as well as electronic game arcades, VR experience halls, etc.

2. Mayville Hyatt

The Hyatt was launched in 2020, with a total tonnage of 17,000 tons, a boat length of 149.99 meters, a width of 21.8 meters, and a capacity of 690 passengers.

Cruise ship facilities: bar, KTV, children’s area, chess and card room, gym, book bar, oasis SPA, shopping mall, etc.

3. Glory of the Century

Century Glory was launched in 2019, with a total tonnage of 15,000 tons, a boat length of 149.98 meters, a width of 21.20 meters, and a capacity of 650 passengers.

Cruise ship facilities: Century Grand Theater, chess and card room, gym, reading room, bar, viewing bar, massage center, etc.;

3. How much does the Century Myth cruise ship cost?

1: Yangtze River Exploration [launched in 2009, tonnage: 6733 tons]

Features: Although the Yangtze River Explorer is not the largest and newest cruise ship on the Yangtze River, it is the only 5-star foreign-related luxury cruise ship on the Yangtze River that can provide one-to-one service. The standard room area is equivalent to the suites on other cruise ships.

Yangtze Explorer

2: Century Glory [launched in 2019, tonnage: 15,000 tons]

Features: Century Glory is currently the largest and newest super 5-star cruise ship on the Yangtze River.

Century glory

3: Century Myth/Legend [launched in 2013, tonnage: 12516 tons]

Features: Century Myth/Legend is currently the super five-star cruise ship with the highest ratings from tourists on the Yangtze River Cruise Line.

Century myth

4: Yangtze Gold No. 7 and No. 8 [launched in 2013, tonnage: 11,250 tons]

Features: Yangtze River Golden 7 and 8 are sister ships of the 2013 Golden Cruise Line. Although they are not the largest of the Golden Cruise Lines, they are the most popular Gold series cruise ships among tourists.

Yangtze River Gold No. 7

5: Yangtze River Gold No. 2/3/5/6 [launched in 2012, tonnage: 17,000 tons]

Features: Yangtze River Gold 2/3/5/6 is the largest super five-star cruise ship in the Gold Series. It has an 800-square-meter commercial pedestrian street and is a unique luxury cruise ship among the Yangtze River cruise ships.

Yangtze River Gold No. 6

6: President 7 and 8 [launched in 2013, tonnage: 17,000 tons]

Features: President 7 and 8 are one of the largest five-star cruise ships on the Yangtze River, and they are also the most cost-effective luxury cruise ships chosen by tourists.

President No. 7

7: Golden One [launched in 2011, tonnage: 12,000 tons]

Features: The Golden No. 1 cruise ship is the earliest 5-star cruise ship of the Gold series launched. It has important historical significance for Yangtze River cruise ships.

Yangtze River Gold No. 1

8: Yangtze River No. 2 [launched in 2011, tonnage: 13,000 tons]

Features: Yangtze River No. 2 is the best five-star cruise ship in the Yangtze River overseas series. It has the largest and most complete sun viewing deck on the Yangtze River.

Yangtze River No. 2

9: Kaizhen [launched in 2009, tonnage: 8,000 tons]

Features: The Kai Zhen is the best 5-star cruise ship under the American Victoria series. The warm and thoughtful American service makes tourists feel at home.


10: Huaxia Goddess 2 [launched in 2014, tonnage: 9600 tons]

Features: Chinese Goddess 2 is the latest 5-star cruise ship under Damei Cruises. It is a luxury cruise ship that integrates Chinese culture, Goddess culture and Three Gorges culture, allowing tourists to view the Three Gorges from more angles.

4. Century Myth cruise guide with pictures and text

Are you talking about the Three Gorges luxury cruise ship? The cruise ship takes the Chongqing-Shanghai route, passing through Nanjing and Wuhan. Mainly the Victoria Kia and Century Shinhwa will take this route.

But there are only 2 times a month, and only Kaiya has it in September. There are Yaya and Century in October, and the price of Visayas is the full price, even if you are halfway on the boat.

5. Century Myth luxury cruise ship

1. Pandora’s box

Pandora was a princess in ancient Greece. The gods were jealous of her beauty and gave her a mysterious box, telling her never to open the box.

However, one day, Pandora finally couldn’t resist the temptation of curiosity and opened the box. As a result, the diseases, pain, madness and other misfortunes in the box took the opportunity to fly out and spread to the world. Fortunately, a kind-hearted god told her to close the box in time, saving the medicine for suffering: hope.

2. Golden Apple

When Achilles’ parents got married, they forgot to invite Eris, the goddess of discord, and so came the story of the golden apples. When the Trojan prince Paris grew up, he was ordered by his father to go to Greece to pick up his aunt. He fell in love with Helen at first sight and kidnapped Helen, which led to the Trojan War (10 years). The gods each helped one side, and Aphrodite, the god of love, especially helped Troy. Ra and Athena helped Greece, and humans and gods fought in a melee.

6. Introduction to Century Myth Cruise Ship

It is a five-star cruise ship, managed by an American company, and the service is very good. However, the ship is a little old and a little small. The best ship in the American Victoria series is the Kai Zhen. If you want to choose more, there is also a gold series, President No. 7 and No. 8, the legends of the century and the myths of the century are newer than Kesha

7. Price of Yangtze River Tour on Century Myth Cruise Ship

Century Myth Cruise Yichang to Chongqing 5-day one-way

Century Myth

Century Myth Cruise Yichang to Chongqing 5-day one-way

Arrive at Yichang

Century Myth Cruise Yichang to Chongqing 5-day one-way

Starting from ¥1850/person

Century Glory Cruise Chongqing to Yichang one-way 4 days

Century Glory

Century Glory Cruise Chongqing to Yichang one-way 4 days

Chongqing boarding

Century Glory Cruise Chongqing to Yichang one-way 4 days

Starting from ¥2850/person

Yangtze River Legend Cruise Chongqing to Yichang 4 days one way

Yangtze River Legend

Yangtze River Legend Cruise Chongqing to Yichang 4 days one way

Chongqing boarding

Yangtze River Legend Cruise Chongqing to Yichang 4 days one way

Starting from ¥1750/person

Century Legend Cruise Chongqing to Yichang one-way 4 days

Century Legend

Century Legend Cruise Chongqing to Yichang one-way 4 days

Chongqing boarding

Century Legend Cruise Chongqing to Yichang one-way 4 days

Starting from ¥1680/person

Century Jewel Cruise Ship Chongqing to Wuhan One-way Eight-Day Tour

Gem of the Century

Century Jewel Cruise Ship Chongqing to Wuhan One-way Eight-Day Tour

Chongqing boarding

Century Jewel Cruise Ship Chongqing to Wuhan One-way Eight-Day Tour

8. Century Myth Cruise Ship

The 1st generation Yangtze River cruise ship:

The Kunlun is 84 meters long and 13.4 meters wide. After it was put into use in 1962, it was exclusively used by central leaders to inspect local areas and hold meetings. Therefore, it was called the “Great Hall of the People on the Water” at the time. In the late 1970s, it officially became a tourist ship operation, and the Yangtze River cruise ship also began to take shape.

Representative cruise ship: Kunlun.


Second generation Yangtze River cruise ship: 3000-5000 tons

In 1978, with the rapid economic development after China’s reform and opening up, Yangtze River cruise tourism ushered in development opportunities, and special tourist ships such as the Goddess, Sanxia, ​​Emei and Bashan were successively launched.

Representative cruise ships: Goddess, Sanxia, ​​Emei, and Bus.

3rd generation Yangtze River cruise ship: 5000-8000 tons

At the end of 1995, the Ministry of Transport promulgated the “Classification and Rating of Stars for Inland River Tourist Cruise Ships”, which included the star rating for Yangtze River Three Gorges tourist ships. The Yangtze River inland river cruise industry began to become more professional. Yangtze River cruise ships began to bloom everywhere, with the antique 4-star cruise ship – Sanguo and the 5-star cruise ship – Qianlong becoming the representatives of cruise ships.

Among them are the Yangtze River Series Yangtze Princess, Yangtze Star, Yangtze Angel and other star-rated cruise ships. As well as Century Cruises’ “Century Star”, it creates cruise ships with panoramic independent balcony rooms.

Representing cruise ships:

Dragon Series: Three Kingdoms, Emperor, Joy, and Brilliance.

Yangtze River Overseas Series: Yangtze River Princess, Yangtze River Star, Yangtze River Angel.

Century Series: Century Star;

Three Kingdoms


The 4th generation Yangtze River cruise ship: more than 8,000 tons

At the beginning of the 21st century, the Three Gorges Reservoir Area was initially formed, the Yangtze River widened, and navigation conditions improved. In 2004, a number of cruise companies built a number of updated facilities in accordance with the national five-star inland river cruise standards and combined with the functions of five-star hotels on land. The most complete luxury cruise ships on the Yangtze River are represented by the “Century Emperor” and “Century Glory”.

Representing cruise ships:

Century series: Century Emperor, Century Glory, Century Gem, Century Diamond;

century of glory

The 5th generation Yangtze River cruise ship: 10,000-ton cruise ship

The Three Gorges Project was completed in 2006, and Chinese and foreign tourists were increasing day by day. Many cruise companies followed the National Ocean Cruise Line and opened a new era of 10,000-ton cruise ships on the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River. The most representative one is the Gold series cruise ship, which launched a total of 7 gold ships from 2011 to 2013. The cruise ships are Yangtze River Golden No. 1 to Yangtze River Golden No. 8. In 2013, Century Cruise Lines launched two super 5-star luxury cruise ships, including Century Myth and Century Legend. Yangtze River Cruises officially entered a new chapter of 10,000-ton cruise ships.

Representing cruise ships:

Gold series: Yangtze River Gold No. 1, Yangtze River Gold No. 2, Yangtze River Gold No. 3, Yangtze River Gold No. 5, Yangtze River Gold No. 6, Yangtze River Gold No. 7, Yangtze River Gold No. 8;

Yangtze River Overseas Series: Yangtze River No. 2;

Meiwei Series: Kai Zhen;

Century Series: Century Myths, Century Legends;

President Series: President No. 6, President No. 7, President No. 8;

Yangtze River No. 2

Century myth


President 8

The 6th generation Yangtze River cruise ship:

In 2019, represented by the “Century Glory” owned by Century Cruises, it was the first cruise ship to obtain the “Green Ship” and “Smart Energy Efficiency Ship” certifications from the China Classification Society. It is also a new chapter for the sixth generation of luxury cruise ships. Super five-star luxury cruise ships such as the Meadville Hyatt, which will be launched in 2020, and the Chinese Goddess 3, which will be launched in 2021.

Representing cruise ships:

Century series: Century Glory, Century Oasis (not launched), Century Triumph (not launched yet), etc.;

Chinese Goddess series: Chinese Goddess No. 3 (not launched yet);

Meadville Series: Meadville Hyatt;

9. Century Myth Cruise Ship Guide

Yangtze River Gold Cruises: Launched successively from 2011 to 2013, it has a total of 7 cruise ships, namely Yangtze River Gold 1 (launched in 2011), Yangtze River Gold 2, 3, 5, 6 (2012), Yangtze River Gold 7, 8 (2013) and other cruise ships, the golden cruise ship has complete supporting facilities and is operated by a state-owned enterprise. It currently has 10 years of cruise service experience.

Century Cruises launched eight cruise ships from 2003 to 2019, including Century Star (launched in 2003), Century Emperor/Glory (launched in 2005-2006), Century Diamond/Gem (launched in 2008-2010), Century Legend/Myth (launched in 2012), Century Glory (launched in 2019), etc. The service concept of Century Cruises has always been to deliver the beauty of life. It is also a listed cruise company on the Yangtze River, with 18 years of cruise service experience.

10. Century Myth cruise guide map

The luxury cruises currently in operation from Chongqing to Yichang include: Yangtze One, Yangtze Two, and Blue Whale under the Yangtze Overseas Series Cruise Line; President Six, President Seven, and President Eight under the President Series Cruise Line; Goddess One under the Goddess Series Cruise Lines No., Goddess No. 2.

American Victoria Series Cruise Lines’ Kai Zhen, Kaina, Katie, Kai Lin, Kesha, and Kaia; Eastern Royal’s Yangtze Discovery; Century Series Cruise Line’s Century Myth, Century Legend, and Century Gem No., Century Diamond, Century Emperor, Century Glory, Century Glory.

The Gold series cruise ships include Gold 1, Gold 2, Gold 3, Gold 5, Gold 6, Gold 7 and Gold 8. (The above cruise ships are ranked in no particular order)

11. Century Myth Cruise Guide 0

In African creation myths, the most important and largest god is the Supreme God. In African myths and legends, he is the same as the God of the West and the master of all things and the creator of all living things like Zeus in ancient Greece.

However, it is very interesting that this god has different names in the legends and myths of various tribes. The Dogon people call him Amma, the Rwandans call him Imana, and some people call him En. EnkAi’s and more.

Regarding this phenomenon, I don’t know whether it is inextricably linked to the long-term separation of tribes on the African continent, which has led to some differences in traditional culture; or whether it is also closely related to the long-term tribal rule on the African continent.

African creation myths have similarities with the myths of other regions and peoples, telling the origin of heaven and earth and the creation of the universe.

Generally speaking, this type of myth originated in a relatively long historical period and reflected the early African people’s understanding of the creation of the universe and their cosmology.

This type of myth describes the formation of the universe and the origin of the world, including the origin of all things in the world, such as the earth, the sky, mountains, rivers, vegetation, birds and beasts. Some myths also describe the origins of various gods.

In the creation myths passed down orally among people of all ethnic groups in Africa, generally speaking, there is always a supreme god, or supreme god, or other gods who created the heaven, earth, mountains, rivers, etc. before creating human beings.

According to Dogon legend, the supreme god Amma originally created the sun and moon like a potter.

He made the sun and moon like a round pot and heated it to a white-hot state. He then surrounded the sun with a red copper hoop and the moon with a white copper hoop. The stars were mud balls thrown by Anma into space; the earth was another ball thrown by Anma. Stretched from soil.

Anma merged with the earth and gave birth to elves and humans.

According to the mythology of the Wugusu people, the Supreme God first created the sun, moon, stars and clouds in the sky, then he created the earth, then men and women, and finally animals, plants and the earth. Other substances on the ground.

The Akan people believe that the order of creation by the Supreme God is: heaven, earth, rivers, water, plants, humans and animals.

The end of the creation myth is the birth of human beings, the spirit of all things.

Regarding the myths about the origin of mankind, many scholars classify them as creation myths.

Indeed, among many myths, the creation myth and the origin myth of mankind are the same myth.

However, the myth of human origin has its own unique nature. It contains the understanding of black people of all ethnic groups about their own origin and value.

In fact, every African society has its own myth about the origins of humanity.

According to the analysis of the famous scholar J. Mbiti, African myths about the origin of human beings generally include three parts: the Supreme God creates man, the Supreme God benefits man, and the Supreme God leaves man.

The Supreme God created man. The myths of most African societies tend to believe that the Supreme God created man after the creation of the world, and often men and women appeared in the world as husband and wife.

The ways in which the Supreme God created humans vary greatly in the myths of different nations.

The most common type is to create humans from clay. For example, in the mythology of the Bambuti Pygmies, the Supreme God molded the body of the first human being and then “covered his lifeless body with skin and poured it into blood.

Then the first man could breathe and move.

The Supreme God whispered to him softly, ‘You will have children in the forest.

‘” The myths of the Akama, Soto, Herero, Shona, Nuer and other tribes say that humans were brought out by the Supreme God from caves, swamps or forests on the earth. of.

There are also fewer examples where people are brought out of a container by the Supreme God. For example, the Chagga people believe that the Supreme God opened the container containing people, took them out and gave them life.

The Supreme God benefits man, the original state of man.

According to many myths, man begins in a state of blissful innocence.

The Supreme God provides human beings with the main basic needs such as food, livestock, water, light and fire, medicine, various tools, etc., so that people can survive in the world; He also sends women to men so that people can reproduce. ; Endow humans with basic skills and knowledge, and enable them to live forever or be reincarnated after death. People live in a paradise like the Garden of Eden.

Originally, the abode of the Supreme God was right next to the abode of humans, and he often visited people.

Some societies claim that the Supreme God lived among the first humans, and humans and the Supreme God formed a big family. The Supreme God is the parent and humans are the children.

The Supreme God does not leave the earth and mankind, He protects the earthly world.

This period was the golden age of mankind, so some scholars call this type of myth the paradise myth.

The Supreme God not only created the world and people, but also established an order and prescribed many taboos.

As long as humans abide by these laws, they can maintain a harmonious relationship with the Supreme God.

Unfortunately, this relationship was damaged by people’s disobedience to the will of the Supreme God, with disastrous consequences.

There are various explanations for the end of the beautiful relationship between man and the Supreme God, and how the Supreme God and the sky moved away from the world.

According to the myths and sermons circulated among many groups, the Supreme God has set various rules for them that must be followed. One day, humans violate them, leading to the separation of the Supreme God and humans.

This is also the origin of various taboos in their society.

According to these myths, the Bambuti people are forbidden to eat the tabu tree (tabu), and in other myths they tell that the first man was not allowed to look at the Supreme God; the Barozhi were not allowed to eat wild animals; the Pares were not allowed to eat eggs; The Chagas are forbidden to eat yam, etc.

There are also a few myths, such as the myths of the Yao people, which talk about people using fire. The supreme god left the earth and humans and returned to the sky because he was tired of the smoke and fire.

It is worth noting that most African myths place the responsibility for offending the Supreme God on women.

In Rwandan mythology, death is personified as an animal that was hunted by the supreme god Imana.

Imana told everyone to stay at home so that the beast of death would have nowhere to hide.

But an old woman went out to work in her banana plantation.

Then the beast of death arrived and asked the old woman for help.

The old woman hid it in her skirt out of pity.

To punish her, Imana decided that death must accompany humanity.

The Magi people in Nigeria say that in the early days, people could touch the sky. At that time, people did not need to work. The Supreme God filled the gourd every day, and people could eat ready-made meals without working.

One day, a woman left a dirty gourd outside, which infected a Tendo’s finger, and the Supreme God returned to heaven in anger.

People in another place said that a woman poked the sky with a rolling pin, which angered the Supreme God, or that a woman tore off a few pieces of the sky and put them in the soup, so the Supreme God stayed away.

In the myths of human origins, Africans envisioned a better life such as adequate food and clothing, peace and tranquility, and immortality.

However, because people no longer obey the Supreme God, or create some accidental events that violate the will or taboos of the Supreme God, the Supreme God is unhappy and goes away, and the golden age of mankind has been lost and can never be regained.

Mbiti commented that as far as he knew, among the many myths about the origin of mankind and its original primitive state, none attempted to propose a response measure to remedy the huge loss of mankind.

African traditional religions “failed to provide mankind with a way of liberation and a message of atonement and salvation” and “it was precisely because of this that world religions were able to conquer African traditional religions.

“There are many myths in Africa that explain natural phenomena.

In such African natural myths, people of all ethnic groups in Africa rely on their rich imagination to personify inanimate celestial bodies and natural phenomena in the universe, creating colorful and vivid life scenes.

Many African natural myths involve the relationship between humans and the supreme god.

For example, why does it rain? The Baila people of Zambia bluntly said that the supreme god Leza used to be young and handsome, and he was very close to the world.

Now he is getting older, farther and farther away from people, and like ordinary old people, he loves to cry, and the rain is his tears.

Why is the night dark? Kono mythology explains that at the beginning of creation, the nights were not dark and people could see clearly.

One day, the Supreme God gave Bat a large basket with a lid containing darkness and asked him to give it to the moon. He also said that he would come later and tell the moon what to do with the darkness.

The bat was delayed eating on the road.

The other animals peeked at the contents of the basket, and the darkness immediately ran out of the basket and did not drive it away until the sun came up.

From then on, bats always flew around the sky every night, trying to collect the darkness and give it to the moon.

African folklore is very rich in material based on natural phenomena such as the sun, moon, stars, wind, thunder, rain and lightning.

Black people of all ethnic groups in Africa have used their wisdom and imagination to create these wonderful, philosophical and popular stories, enriching the world’s mythological treasure trove with their own unique cultural creations.