How to make a small wedding more exciting?

How to hold a small wedding? If you don’t want to hold a luxurious wedding with so much fanfare, then a small wedding is the best choice. But how to hold a small wedding that can also be exciting and lively? Let us learn how to hold a small wedding together.

How to hold a small wedding to look grand and grand

How to Host a Small Wedding 1: Pick a Venue

For a small wedding, it is best to choose a wedding venue with more details. For example, small parks, courtyards, some villas, restaurants, bars, etc., and yachts are also suitable. In fact, whether it is an outdoor occasion or an indoor one, as long as we decorate it carefully, there is no problem as a venue for small weddings. . The size of the venue should be determined based on the expected number of guests. If it is too small, it will look cramped and make people feel chaotic. If it is too large, it will feel deserted. If you have few guests and you want to hold your wedding in a star-rated hotel, you must be mentally prepared to share the wedding venue with others (generally star-rated hotels have restrictions on the minimum consumption and wedding size of wedding banquets), and arrange a wedding venue in advance Inform the guests in the invitation to avoid the embarrassment caused by the marriage fight on the day.

It should be noted that if you choose an outdoor green space, it is best if it is complete and relatively open, which is conducive to guests’ activities. There shouldn’t be too many trees on this site, as they will block guests’ views and make the photos look unflattering. Likewise, if it is held indoors, avoid too many columns and winding corridors.

How to hold a small wedding 2: Choose a wedding company

In fact, in order to make our wedding more orderly, organized and give the guests a fresh feeling, it is best for us to ask the corresponding wedding planner to operate it, or at least have a master of ceremonies. If you want to be more creative in the decoration, of course you can be creative and do it yourself, but if you want the wedding to have a grand feel, you must invite an experienced wedding supervisor and host. The former can help you solve emergencies, supervise the wedding process, and make the atmosphere in the venue lively and orderly; the latter can fully mobilize everyone’s emotions with humorous words and coordination skills.

You can also ask the wedding company to invite a band to liven up the atmosphere, rent the wedding company’s road guides and flower gates, and ask them to help find experienced photographers, videographers, and sound engineers. This saves you a lot of worry.

How to hold a small wedding 3: Use colors carefully

When we hold a small wedding, the venue and scale are relatively small, so the color matching and layout of the scene are even more important. According to experience, particularly warm colors will give people the feeling of a relatively small space, but no matter what, we still choose the color combination we like.

If the wedding is held indoors, due to the limited area and height of the restaurant, if we adopt a stronger color scheme, it will give us a kind of visual pressure, so it is best for us to make wedding arrangements based on the experience of the planners and our preferences. Decide to use lighter colors for the wedding as a whole. It is best to choose elegant colors such as pink blue and pink green. Accessories such as table flowers and decorations come in bright colors.

If the wedding is held in an open outdoor green space, there are not so many restrictions, but natural colors should still be used. The outdoor colors are already very bright and rich. Using bright colors can actually bring vitality and tension, making the scene decoration more exciting.

How to hold a small wedding 4: key points of arrangement

For small weddings where there are not many people attending the wedding, mainly family members, we need to focus on the wedding stage and the wedding table used for the wedding.

If the wedding venue is relatively small, it is recommended that we not have some flowers or other arrangements, but mainly focus all the focus of our wedding ceremony on our wedding stage. This way, we can concentrate on making exquisite decorations for the stage, and the effect will be better. .

How to Host a Small Wedding 5: Seating Arrangements

The seating arrangement for a small wedding banquet does not necessarily have to be in the same seat, because there are only a small number of participants. We only need to distinguish the chairperson. The other guests can choose by themselves and sit wherever they want. Even if the seating is not very balanced, Temporary arrangements are also very simple. At the same time, we can also use some unique wedding table layout methods to achieve better communication between relatives and friends.

How to hold a small wedding 6: Create a warm atmosphere

Because the venue is relatively small, you will be in close contact with the guests, so the interactive program will fully mobilize everyone’s enthusiasm.

Let everyone raise a glass and take a photo together, everyone repeats your wedding vows, clap rhythmically, guests perform on stage, and even sing a chorus. These are all good games that do not require too much space but can mobilize enthusiasm and make the atmosphere lively. Of course, this requires good communication between you and the host in advance.

How to Host a Small Wedding 6: Wedding Videography

The secret of wedding photography for small weddings is to emphasize the details of photography, so that no matter how small the wedding venue is, it can enrich the wedding album. Generally speaking, these details include: table flowers, door handle flowers, flower gates, sign-in desks, ceremony tables, greeting cards, ring holders, wedding cakes, etc.

Nowadays, most professional wedding photographers pay more attention to the performance of the couple at the wedding. They follow all the actions of the couple at the wedding and never miss a memorable shot. If possible, hire an extra photographer, or Invite friends who are photography enthusiasts to record more shots without missing any details. It is best to give him a shooting list before the wedding, writing down all the highlights of the wedding that you think are creative, so as to ensure that no wonderful parts are missed and no regrets are left.