Recommended attractions for a three-day trip to Sichuan – Reasons for recommended attractions for a three-day trip to Sichuan

Introduction: Recommended Sichuan Three-Day Tour Attractions – Recommended Reasons for Sichuan Three-day Tour Attractions 1. Recommended Reasons for Sichuan Three-day Tour Attractions 2. Recommended Sichuan Three-day Tour Attractions 3. Recommended Reasons for Sichuan Three-day Tour Attractions 4. Sichuan Three-day Tour Tourism Recommended attractions 5. Recommended attractions suitable for a three-day trip in Sichuan 6. The best attractions for a three-day trip in Sichuan

1. Reasons for recommending Sichuan three-day tourist attractions

The cost of a three-day tour to Jiuzhaigou Valley from Chengdu with a group is about 380 yuan (China Parade Society guide price, including transportation, accommodation for 2 nights, meals, etc.)

General itinerary

Day 1: Chengdu ~ Huanglong Scenic Area ~ Jiuzhaigou Mouth (stay in Jiuzhaigou)

Day 2: One-day trip to Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area (stay in Jiuzhaigou or Chuanzhu Temple)

Day 3: Jiuzhaigou or Chuanzhu Temple ~ Chengdu

Supporting services: A tour guide will explain the scenery along the way.

Passing through: Dujiangyan, Yingxiu, Wenchuan, Maoxian and other places

The whole journey is about: 500 kilometers (one way), usually 8 to 10 hours by bus

Hope it helps you

2. Recommended tourist attractions in Sichuan for three days

During the three-day trip, choose the places around you. I am located in Shanghai and have just returned from driving around for four days. The specific itinerary: Shanghai-Haining, Zhejiang-Shaoxing, Zhejiang, three days are ample and comfortable.

Shanghai-Haining is 110 kilometers away and takes 1 hour and 40 minutes by car.

When you go to Haining, you can’t miss the astronomical Qiantang River tide watching on the 18th day of the eighth lunar month. There are three popular attractions for tide watching on the Qiantang River: the crossing tide at Dingqiao Big Gap (no charge); the first-line tide at Yanguan Town (charged, the price doubles in half a month during the peak season); and the meeting tide at the old Yancang. This time I chose Dingqiao Big Gap, which is the closest to Haining City and does not charge a fee. Really feel the roar of the Qiantang River and feel the power of nature that cannot be underestimated.

In addition to tide watching in Haining, lanterns and shadow puppet shows are also local characteristics. They are Haining intangible cultural heritage preservation projects and are displayed and performed in Haining Nanguanxiang Historical and Cultural Street. A day trip to Haining.

Haining-Jiaxing Nanbei Lake is 28 kilometers away and takes 45 minutes by car.

Nanbei Lake belongs to Jiaxing City and is a lagoon on the Qiantang River. It is surrounded by mountains on three sides and faces the sea on three sides. It is divided into north and south due to the long embankment in the lake. The entire scenic area is dominated by natural mountains and rivers. You can play in the water close by and look at the sea in the distance. There is no ticket required for visiting the scenic area only. You only need to buy tickets for each scenic spot. There is a ticket office at the gate, and the ticket price is 80. There are shuttle buses to various scenic spots in the scenic area, and the fare is 20. The reference play time is 2-3 hours.

Nanbei Lake-Shaoxing is 73 kilometers away and takes 1 hour and 20 minutes by car.

When talking about Shaoxing, the first thing that comes to mind is the great writer Lu Xun. This all-powerful figure during the Republic of China was first known to children as “From Baicao Garden to Sanwei Bookstore”. This must-read article in primary school textbooks talks about what happened in Lu Xun’s former residence in Shaoxing. His childhood memories are lifelong. I can’t forget it, and I will find the answer in the Baicao Garden with just a few words, but there is no trace of the beautiful snake. Even great writers are sometimes fooled by their grandmothers. Lu Xun’s Hometown is free and open until 8:40 pm.

East Lake in Shaoxing is a natural lake with clear water and steep mountains. It is best to take a Shaoxing-style black-topped boat tour during the entire trip. The boat will go deep into the depths of the lake and see the wonders of the cave. There is a stage in the scenic area, which completely restores the artistic conception of Mr. Lu Xun’s social opera. Sitting on a awning boat and watching the social opera, modern people can experience the childhood fun of the great writer. The recommended play time is three hours.

Shaoxing-Shanghai is 180 kilometers away and takes 2 hours and 30 minutes by car.

3. An essay on the reasons for recommending Sichuan three-day tourist attractions

The majestic and famous Emeishan City of Meishan.

Emeishan City is located in Emei County, Sichuan. There is a world-famous scenic spot here – Mount Emei. Mount Emei is known as “Emei is the most beautiful place in the world”. The fault-block mountains protrude from the flat waves, with jagged rocks and towering peaks, and rugged and dangerous mountains rise from the ground. Mount Emei is famous for its four wonders: the boiling sea of ​​clouds, the bright sunrise, the magical “Buddha’s Light”, and the strange “Holy Lamp”. Standing on the golden top of the precarious peak, it is even more majestic and unparalleled. Looking intently, it is boundless. Looking down, I am frightened. The sea of ​​clouds is rolling in the sky. It is so eye-watering that some people have to retreat. Even the sea of ​​clouds is one of the four wonders of Huangshan, which is “the most amazing mountain in the world”. I also had to look at the sea of ​​clouds in Mount Emei with admiration and give in three points. The sunrise in Mount Emei is not deserved. In the morning, when the sun was about to rise, a ray of red cloud appeared in the sky. The scope of the red cloud slowly expanded. After a while, I saw the sun’s small half face, which was very red. After a while, it broke through the clouds and jumped out. The valley is so red and the color is lovely. This dark red round thing gave off a dazzling light. The “Buddha’s Light” of Mount Emei is also the world-famous halo of the sea of ​​clouds. Colorful halos appear in the colorful water mist. Due to the dense forests of Mount Emei and the gurgling streams and abundant water vapor, clouds and mists often fill the mountains, making the towering towering mountain. The peaks are like isolated islands, standing upright on the sea of ​​clouds. When we stand on the top of the mountain, with our backs to the slanting light, our own shadow is reflected in the halo. Every move a person makes will also be reflected in the aura. Although it is not as gorgeous as the suspended ribbon laser, it still has its own personality. The “Holy Lamp” of Mount Emei has a name for nothing. The golden top is dark without sun, and the night is gloomy on the rocky mountain. Sometimes I suddenly see a light like a firefly, and then it counts, then becomes countless, and then the magic lamp floats in the gray valley. It is “Ten thousand bright lanterns shining towards Samantabhadra”

There are also many elusive monkeys, often begging for food from tourists, playing and playing, and some are willing to take photos with tourists as “memorials”.

The moonlight in Mount Emei is also very beautiful. At night, walking on the gravel road beside the creek, you can clearly appreciate the beauty of the moonlight. The moon seems to be very familiar with the creek, constantly changing its various forms to add color to the creek. Sometimes it becomes a vertical semicircle, sometimes it becomes a horizontal crescent shape, and sometimes it is curved and shapeless. Sometimes it jumps, sometimes jumps, and sometimes it is quiet. The creek is also the beauty of adults, perfecting it.

4. Recommended tourist attractions for a three-day trip to Sichuan

Me: I think the best tourist attraction for a 3-day trip around Chengdu is Huanglongxi Ancient Town. There are three reasons:

First, Huanglongxi Ancient Town is relatively close to Shizhong District of Chengdu City, about 40 kilometers away. It is far away from the hustle and bustle of the urban area, and the distance is not too far. You can return to your home or work in time if you have something to do, and you can play there during a three-day trip. Two whole days;

Second, the transportation is very convenient. For self-driving tours, you can go to the Third Ring Road from the city and then pass through Jiannan Avenue, and you can go directly to Huanglongxi Ancient Town. You can also get there by taking the subway or bus, which is a low-carbon route.

Third, the development of Huanglongxi Ancient Town is relatively mature, and there are plenty of things to see, play, and eat. Therefore, I recommend Huanglongxi Ancient Town for a three-day tour around Chengdu!

5. Recommended attractions suitable for a three-day trip in Sichuan

There are many interesting places in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, such as the Internet-famous Wuzhen, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Nanjing and other places, which all have many beautiful scenery. However, Xiao Ma personally prefers niche travel routes, so below I will share a guide for traveling around Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai that is suitable for 2-3 days.

The route shared by Xiao Ma mainly goes deep into Lishui, a super niche travel destination in Zhejiang. It has historical and cultural heritage, famous historical and cultural villages, and super original natural scenery.

1. Why we recommend everyone to choose this route:

1. This route allows you to see the super original natural scenery, with mountains, water and of course the best air in prefecture-level cities in Zhejiang. Therefore, tourists who like natural scenery are very suitable to come here, especially when traveling in the north. Visitors will definitely love it here.

2. This route also collects a lot of cultural scenery and covers many famous historical and cultural villages. In these places, you can learn about the unique cultural customs.

3. On this route, you can also taste a lot of local flavors, such as Jinyun Shaobing with southern Zhejiang characteristics, Zhejiang-specific delicacies such as meat soup, and Lishui-specific snacks such as salted rice. It is worth coming even for the food. A trip that just goes away.

2. About itinerary and arrangements:

Recommended number of days to visit: 2-3 days

DAY1: Hangzhou–Songyang

DAY2: Songyang County–Yangjiatang Village–Huang Family Courtyard

DAY3: Songyang County–Return

3. Information you need to know about Songyang when traveling:

Songyang is an ancient county with a history of more than 1,800 years. It is the earliest organized county in Lishui City. Due to the landform of “eight mountains, one water and one field”, it has been known as the “Chunzhou Granary” since ancient times, so it is rich in real estate. The scenery is charming and contains many natural scenery. Because it has a history of more than 1,800 years, it has a profound heritage and many historical sites.

Compared with other places in the province, there are very few tourists visiting Songyang, so it is like a quiet place hidden in southern Zhejiang. Even if you come here on weekends or National Day, you will still not see crowds of people. Personally, I think it is still very suitable for traveling here.

4. Breakdown of the itinerary and highlights:

(1)Songyang Old Street

This is the old commercial street of Songyang’s thousand-year-old county, where you can still see the former glory of the ancient city. This used to be the largest commercial center in southwestern Zhejiang. There are many old streets in Songyang Old Town, and Xiao Ma’s personal favorite is Nanzhi Old Street.

Nanzhi Street is located in the southern area of ​​Songyang County, with a length of more than 400 meters. Although it is not as popular as Hefang Street in Hangzhou and Confucius Temple in Nanjing today. But the locals walking here every day are bustling with people, especially when they arrive at the market.

Xiao Ma recommends that when you arrive at Nanzhi Street, you must take a look at the buildings styled from the Ming and Qing Dynasties to the Republic of China on both sides of the street. Of course, there are also some old craftsmanship in the shops, so you can also focus on them.


What delicacies in the old street are worth trying: When you come to the old street, don’t miss the local specialty rice wine lees large intestine noodles. The shop uses traditional earthen stoves and wood-fired cooking methods, so the noodles produced have a more down-to-earth taste.

How to get to Nanzhi Street:

It only takes 10 minutes to walk from Songyang Bus Station to Old Street. The specific route is marked in the map below.

(2)Songyang Museum

Although the Songyang Museum has a small collection and is not large in scale, there are generally few tourists. But for Xiaoma, this Songyang Museum is also worth checking out.

The focus can be on the Longquan Kiln celadon phoenix-ear vase, a national treasure of the Southern Song Dynasty. In addition, some Buddha heads and tiles unearthed from the Yanqing Temple Pagoda are also worth seeing.

How to get to Songyang Museum:

Nanzhi Street is only more than 600 meters away from Songyang Museum, and it only takes 10 minutes to walk. The specific route is as follows:

(3) Other attractions in the old city:

Brothers Jinshi Archway: There are several key cultural relics protection units hidden in the old city. For example, the small Songyang City once produced more than 100 Jinshi. Today, you can still see an archway at the southern end of the old city, namely Zhan Yu and Zhan. Bao Brothers Jinshifang.

How to get to Brother Jinshi Archway:

Songyang County Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum: Although this exhibition hall does not have priceless cultural relics, it is still worth checking in as a traveler who likes humanities. Xiaoma learned a lot about Songyang’s customs and customs here, such as Songyang’s high accent, Zhuxi Festival, mountainside lanterns, etc., which will definitely help you understand Songyang better.

(4) Huang Family Courtyard

This is Songyang’s signature attraction, a Qing Dynasty-style residential building. As soon as you enter the ancient residence, you will be attracted by the horse head wall and wood carvings inside.

The most recommended attractions in the Huang Family Courtyard are: the 200 seal characters for “longevity” in the “Hundred Shou Hall”; the window lattice carvings and window panes with different patterns in the Plum, Orchid, Bamboo and Chrysanthemum Hall.

How to get to Huang Family Courtyard:

The Huang Family Courtyard is about 3 kilometers away from the county seat, so I personally recommend taking a taxi there. There are fewer cars on the return trip, so you can pay a little more for the driver to wait for you outside.

Tips: The Huang Family Courtyard is an ancient residence, so if you don’t do your homework in advance, I believe you can finish the tour in ten minutes, but after you have a good guide, you can enjoy it slowly for at least an hour.

(5) Yanqing Temple Tower

This tower can be said to be the most valuable attraction in Songyang, because it is the only national key cultural relic protection unit in Songyang. This pagoda is a rare Northern Song Dynasty original in the Jiangnan area. Unlike the Leifeng Pagoda, which was built in the later period, it is a true thousand-year-old pagoda, which is very rare. The tower body is still tilted, but it is still not enough. I still admire the superb skills of the ancients.

You can climb the tower, but you can only go to the second floor. There is also an exhibition hall next to it, which contains many cultural relics unearthed in the tower, such as tiles, bricks, etc. I personally recommend spending at least an hour visiting to appreciate the charm of this thousand-year-old pagoda.

How to get to Yanqing Temple Pagoda:

It is also not far from the county seat, so I personally recommend taking a taxi. You can choose to visit the Huang Family Courtyard and the Yanqing Temple Pagoda together, which not only saves time, but also saves money.

Other alternative travel destinations:

If you still have more time, you might as well go deep into the following villages. You can focus on Yangjiatang Village, Hengkeng Village, Chenjiapu Village, Daitou Village, Shanxiayang Village, Shuimo Shicang, etc. They are all very original. Ancient village.

Generally speaking, the city of Songyang has never been rich enough, and it will not give you a stunning state at first, but as long as you stay for a few days, you will definitely be infected by the fireworks of this city.

Xiaoma ranks the attractions on this route according to their personal favorable ratings. You can arrange your time accordingly:

Yanqing Temple Pagoda>Huang Family Courtyard>Nanzhi Street>Songyang Museum>Brothers Jinshi Archway

4. What kind of transportation should I choose to go to Songyang?

There is no train station in Songyang, so to get here, you can only choose to take a car. For example, if you depart from Hangzhou, you can take a direct bus from Hangzhou West Bus Station to Songyang Bus Station. There are 4 buses from here every day.

5. What delicacies are worth trying when traveling to Songyang?

Although Songyang’s food is not as famous as Chengdu, Xi’an and other national food cities, the province is not as rich as snack cities like Shaoxing and Quzhou. Fortunately, there are abundant products here, and many authentic snacks have been preserved. Xiaoma recommends several delicacies that are more suitable for tourists based on his travel experience.

Sake lees large intestine noodles

It can be said that this is a must-try delicacy in Songyang. The most authentic noodles are found in the Baixian Noodle House on Nanzhi Street in the old town of Songyang. The noodles made here are chewy and elastic, and the focus is on the toppings on the noodles. The sake lees large intestine noodles are the most worth ordering.

Yellow rice cake

As an authentic snack in Songyang County, many people may have never tasted this delicacy before coming here. It is said that the ingredients of this snack are selected from a unique plant in the high mountains of Songyang. After burning ashes, draining the juice, and then soaking Make rice, rinse and steam it, place it in a stone mortar and mash it into balls, steam it and cut it into small pieces. There are two main ways to eat yellow rice cake, one is to boil it in soup, and the other is to slice it and fry it.

Gray juice cake

This is a method that uses indica rice flour as the main ingredient, and then uses gray alkaline water or loofah leaf juice to make a paste and steam it. After steaming it in a steamer, pour it layer by layer until the cage is full. After the layers are cooked, It’s clearly revealable. Thousand-feuille cake made with gray juice can be eaten fried or made into soup.

Shanfen Dumplings

If you like chewy food, then Shanfen Dumplings are perfect for you. Shanfen dumplings are made from potato as raw material, so they taste very good. The fillings of the rice dumplings are very filling, you have to take one bite, they are full of fillings. Generally, noodle dumplings can be eaten steamed or boiled. I personally like soup noodle dumplings very much.

In addition, the delicacies that Xiao Ma personally recommends are sesame cakes, mung tofu, eight-treasure lantern plates, wheat bean rice, mochi (shalei), etc., which are highly recommended for tourists to try.

Summary of Xiaoma travel recommendations:

Time selection: It can be said that Songyang is very suitable all year round, but the most beautiful seasons are spring and autumn. Of course, coming here in summer is also very suitable because the weather here is much cooler than in the city.

Cost: Generally speaking, a 2-3 day trip to Songyang can be done for 800 yuan according to Qingyou. If you want to be more luxurious, 1,000 yuan is enough. After all, prices here in Songyang are very low.

Do you need to buy tickets for Songyang? Most of the attractions mentioned by Xiao Ma above are free of charge. The Huang Family Courtyard and Yanqing Temple Pagoda are chargeable. Xiao Ma personally recommends buying tickets to enter because there are many attractions.

The above is the 2-3 day tour route in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai shared by Xiaoma. I hope it will be helpful to your trip.

6. Best attractions in Sichuan 3-day tour

It depends on which province or city you are coming back from. 1. If you are coming back from Tibet and have no history of traveling to high, high, medium or low-risk areas in the past 7 days, you need to have proof of negative nucleic acid tests twice within 48 hours (once a day). All localities must strictly implement the “first station responsibility system”. Starting from the day of arrival in Chengdu, the entire process will be closed-loop transfer to a centralized isolation point and implemented for 5 days of centralized isolation.