What are the interesting places in Changxing Island Town? Is there any place to play in Changxing Island?

Introduction: What are the interesting places in Changxing Island Town? Is there any place to play in Changxing Island? 1. Is there any place to play in Changxing Island? 2. What is there to do in Changxing Island? 3. The busiest place in Changxing Island 4. One-day trip to Changxing Island Where are the fun places? 5. Where to play in Changxing Island 6. Is Changxing Island a good place to play? How much does it cost? 7. Is Changxing Island good? 8. What are the places to visit in Changxing Island? 9. Is there anything worth visiting in Changxing Island? 10. Changxing Island Is it fun?

1. Is Changxing Island a good place to play?

There are many fun places. One of the tourist attractions in Changxing Island is Shanghai Juyuan. When we go to Changxing Island, we must go to Shanghai Stunt City.

2. What is there to do in Changxing Island?

The scenery is still good. Changxing Island Tourist Resort is a tourist resort integrating sightseeing, entertainment, leisure and sports. Dalian Changxing Island is the largest island north of the Yangtze River and the seventh largest island in China. It is located in Dalian City, Liaoning Province. The world’s largest shipbuilding base is built on the island. Dalian Changxing Island is a national small town comprehensive reform pilot town, a national civilized small town demonstration site, a national health town, a national sports advanced town, and was approved by the Liaoning Provincial People’s Government as a provincial economic development zone. Dalian Changxing Cement Co., Ltd. has become a large-scale cement production enterprise in the country, with a production capacity of 500,000 tons and can produce 7 varieties of cement. The “Sanma” brand cement produced with Changxing Island limestone as raw material has obtained the international standard acceptance certificate and is sold well in Southeast Asia. and other countries and regions. Changxing Island is known as the “Pearl of the Sea”, with a coastline of 36km for tourism and living, towering stone forests on the seaside, soft sandy beach and flat bathing beach, 25 square kilometers of virgin forest and rolling hills; “Hengshan Overlook” and “Longkou Sweet Spring” are the eight major attractions in Fuzhou Second, the historical sites of Empress Palace and Santang Temple are famous far and near. The developed Japanese golf course, contemporary flying club, racecourse, windmill square, seaside park, marine animal performance hall and other special tourism projects attract more than 800,000 domestic and foreign tourists every year, making it an influential tourist resort in Northeast China. .

3. The most lively place in Changxing Island

My hometown, Changxing Island, is a shining pearl at the mouth of the Yangtze River, embedded in the estuary of the Yangtze River. It has clean water and soil and fresh air. It is a place with beautiful scenery and is also known as the “Land of Citrus”. Around the May Day festival, citrus flowers bloom in thousands of acres of orange orchards. They are white, pure, elegant and quiet, and the fragrance of the flowers is soothing and soothing! At this time, it is a good time for us to appreciate the orange flowers. It is the happiest time to make an appointment with three or five friends to enjoy the flowers, and then go to the riverside to play.

We chased and fought by the river, and laughter like silver bells echoed in the sky.

When you are tired of playing, go catch some crickets. As long as you go there and play, you will get a small harvest. July and August are the hot seasons in Shanghai every year. Due to the “heat island” effect, the urban area is unstoppable in the heat. At this time, Changxing Island was a good place for urban residents to escape the summer heat. The island is surrounded by water, and the temperature of the water can be adjusted. The average temperature is 2 degrees Celsius lower than the urban temperature. Coupled with the river breeze, it feels much cooler. Every summer, a large number of Shanghai residents come to the island to escape the summer heat and take vacation. This is a veritable summer resort. Autumn is the most beautiful time in Changxing Island. In the golden autumn of October, I was walking in the orange garden. Looking from a distance, the trees were full of yellow persimmons, like countless small lanterns, bending the branches. Tourists from urban areas who come to the island for sightseeing can enjoy oranges in the orange gardens and pick oranges by themselves to experience the joy of labor and the joy of harvest.

During holidays, I often help parents pick oranges and sell them at the market.

On the road, I saw cars filled with oranges heading to the dock to be transported to the city.

Pedestrians on the road are walking in a hurry, with smiles on their faces.

People are busy harvesting rice in the fields and picking oranges in the orange orchards. There is a gratifying scene of harvest everywhere.

Winter is here, and the reed marshes are bustling again. The endless reeds are cut by workers, loaded on boats and transported to the paper mill in a steady stream, providing high-quality raw materials for the paper mill. My hometown is beautiful all year round. I love my hometown, Changxing Island, and even more the people who make my hometown so beautiful!

4. What are the fun places to visit on a one-day trip to Changxing Island?

One-day trip to Changxing Island. According to the itinerary, we will arrive at the Changxing Island Jueyuan Farm Expansion Base at 9 am and then ride along the Changxing Island coastline. The sea breeze blows. Dine at the Orange Garden Farm Restaurant from 11:30 to 13:30 with the morning sun galloping between the blue sky and blue sea. From 2pm to 4pm, there are outdoor entertainment activities, all-you-can-pick and eat. At 4:30, we returned happily with our trophies. Orange Garden Farm sells various local products. One-day tour and cycling are 58 yuan. Lunch is 40 to 80. Group meal. Orange Garden Leisure and Entertainment is 58 yuan. One person is large and one person is around 150 to 200 yuan.

5. Where to play in Changxing Island

Changxing Island Marine Park, the natural bathing beach is 48 kilometers long. The sea water is clear and pollution-free, the coast is gentle, the beach is soft, and there are many elements that are beneficial to the human body. With its mountains and rivers complementing each other and the interlacing pavilions and pavilions, it has become a key tourist summer resort in southern Liaoning.

☆Changxing Island has a warm temperate humid continental monsoon climate. The scenery is beautiful, with stone forests towering in various seaside attractions, the beach with soft sand and flat beaches, and the virgin forests in the West Mountains rolling hills and lush green hills. The blue sky, white clouds, green mountains and clear water complement each other, and the view from the mountain is like entering a fairyland; the island has a long history, many scenic spots, and unique characteristics. “View from the Hengshan Mountain” and “Longkou Sweet Spring” are two of the eight major scenic spots in Fuzhou; The historical relics of Santang Temple are famous far and near. Based on the distribution of seaside attractions and the layout of the coastline, it is planned to be a tourist and lifestyle coastline from Abalone Belly to Wudaogou, with a length of about 36 kilometers.

☆From Wudaogou, Majiazuizi, Dingjiaquan, Xihuagou to Badagou, the coastline is 13 kilometers long, and 25 square kilometers of land such as Hengshan and Tashan are planned to be forest guesthouses. The Forest Guest House includes primitive forest bathing, wildlife viewing, breeding garden, hunting club, Hengshan overlooking and seaside vacation, integrating tourism, entertainment and leisure functions.

☆The 18-kilometer long coastline from Xihuagou, Gaobaoshan, Dajiao, Yuanyang Island and other shorelines is a natural coastal natural landscape area. There are forest botanical gardens, characteristic botanical gardens, racecourses, and windmill squares on the land. You can work as a fisherman on the seaside islands, pick fruits in the orchards, and go on field trips to the botanical gardens and other new resources for pastoral tourism.

6. How much is the place to play in Changxing Island?

Changxing Island’s green countryside and urban gardens allow you to enjoy the blessings of nature. Going to Changxing Island is more enjoyable than going to Wusong Fort.

7. Is Changxing Island good?

If you have a stable job in Changxing Island, you can buy it for self-occupation. Not recommended from an investment perspective. Because Shanghai has just proposed the development plan of five new cities, Chongming has always been positioned as the first ecological island both internationally and domestically.

8. What are the places to visit on Changxing Island?

Changxing Island is located in Dalian City, Liaoning Province. It is a beautiful island on the west side of the Liaodong Peninsula. The world’s largest shipbuilding and petrochemical industry base is being built. A national pilot town for comprehensive reform of small towns; a national demonstration site for creating civilized small towns; a national health town; and a national sports advanced town. In April 2010, with the approval of the State Council, Dalian Changxing Island Lingang Industrial Zone was upgraded to a “National Economic and Technological Development Zone”, named “Dalian Changxing Island Economic and Technological Development Zone” and implemented the current “National Economic and Technological Development Zone” policy.

Changxing Island is the largest island north of the Yangtze River and the fifth largest island in China, after Taiwan, Hainan, Chongming and Zhoushan. Changxing Island Tourist Resort is a tourist resort integrating sightseeing, entertainment, leisure and sports. Changxing Island’s four natural bathing beaches have clear blue water, gentle waves, flat beaches and fine sand. They are famous summer resorts in southern Liaoning.

9. Is there anything worth visiting in Changxing Island?

Seaside parks, small reefs, and Shiyao Beihai are all acceptable. Now there are no restrictions on the seaside.

Shanghai Changxing Island is the closest of the three Chongming islands to Shanghai city, only half an hour’s drive away. Changxing Island is known as “Orange Township”, “Jing Island” and “Longevity Island”. The unique natural conditions and rich natural resources have enabled Changxing Island’s tourism industry to be fully developed.

The main attractions on Changxing Island include Shanghai Orange Garden, Mongolian Village Racecourse, Chuizhu Garden, Shanghai Stunt City, Xianfeng Resort, Shisha Wildlife Park, Green Island Ludang Maze, Xingdao Resort Country Club, etc. Every late autumn, the island The Shanghai Citrus Festival is colorful and lively.

10. Is Changxing Island fun?

1. Dongping National Forest Park

2.Shanghai Lavender Paradise

3. Chongming Xisha National Wetland Park

4. Chongming Pearl Lake Park

5. Dongtan Wetland Park

6. Chongming Qianwei Ecological Village

7. Shanghai Gaojiazhuang Ecological Park

8. Jiangnan Sanmin Cultural Village

9. Chongming Island

10. Changxing Island Country Park

Don’t miss these places when you go to Chongming. I only visited Dongtan Wetland Park many years ago, and it was quite good. It’s suitable for an outing with a family.