Beidong Fangshan District Legu Silver Beach Attractions Fangshan Legu Silver Beach One-day Tour Guide

Introduction: Fangshan Legu Silver Beach attractions in North East Fangshan District Fangshan Legu Silver Beach one-day tour guide 1. Fangshan Legu Silver Beach one-day tour guide 2. Legu Silver Beach travel notes 3. Legu Silver Beach tour map 4. Fangshan Legu Silver Beach How much is the ticket for Guyintan 5. Location of Fangshan Legu Silver Beach tourist attraction 6. How long to visit Legu Silver Beach 7. Fangshan Legu Silver Beach one-day tour guide 8. Tickets for Legu Silver Beach attractions 9. Fangshan Legu Can I still go to Guyintan? 10. Guide to visiting Leguyintan

1. One-day tour guide to Fangshan Legu Silver Beach

Legu Silver Beach Scenic Area is located in the Fangshan area of ​​Beijing. The average temperature during the 15 days was 29.8 degrees and the average temperature at night was 21.1 degrees. The temperature is already very hot. When traveling, you should pay attention to timely replenishing water and cooling down to prevent heatstroke. The highest temperature in Fangshan in Beijing in 15 days occurred in 2021 06

2. Legu Silver Beach Travel Notes

No, if you are particularly afraid of heights, you don’t need to take the glass suspension bridge. You can just go up from the side path. You don’t have to take the glass suspension bridge. It is usually safe, but if you are afraid of heights , or if you are scared, you can choose not to go up. There is a way up from the side. Of course, come once, after all, you have to experience it.

3. Legu Silver Beach Tour Map

Answer: The 2022 Splendid North China United Tourism Annual Pass Beijing Electronic Card includes a total of 76 famous scenic spots, forest parks, large amusement parks, underwater worlds, ski resorts, cute pet zoos, cultural sites, museums, cultural performances, Children’s experience center, parent-child paradise, happy farm, etc., suitable for outdoor travel, cultural travel, parent-child travel, experiential travel, self-driving travel, etc. It is suitable for all ages and is suitable for all seasons. With the price of one ticket, it can be connected to 76 scenic spots in Beijing.

  Number of visits: 50 of them are free and unlimited, more than 20 are free once, some discounts

  Attraction: Toutiao Laiba

  Pacific Underwater World, Brave Amusement Park, Xiangjiang Ski Resort, Longmai Hot Spring, Xishan Forest Park, Dajue Temple, Sony DreamQuest Science and Technology Museum, China Railway Museum, Five Pagoda Temple, Baita Temple, Beijing Caving Workshop, Koala University Adventure Children’s Park, Wizard of Oz Country Park, LeZOO Animal Park, Happy ZOO Planet Cute Pet Park, Future Parent-Child Rope Park, Fantasy Sports Castle Children’s Park, Blue Sea Parent-Child Park, Shiduxian Xishan, Baicaopan Natural Scenic Area, Le Valley Silver Beach, Baihua Mountain, Longmen Stream, Shengquan Mountain, Penghewan Scenic Area, Yunfeng Mountain, Lianquan Xianggu, Mangshan Forest Park, Linghui Mountain, Panlongshan Great Wall, Chinese Magic City, World Rose Theme Park, Longmen Stream, Jinhai Lake, International Sculpture Park, Living 3D Museum, Fifth Season Ecological Farm, Ecological Valley Smart Farm, etc.

4. How much is the ticket to Fangshan Legu Silver Beach?

Including Olympic Tower Night Show, Badaling Wildlife World, World Flower Grand View Garden, Blues Hot Spring Manor, Baishi Mountain, Yesanpo Glass Observation Platform + Longteng Guerrilla Road, Leshi Castle, Juyongguan Great Wall, Beijing Xishan National Forest Park, and Beijing International Flower Port , Changyu Aifeibao International Winery, Yunfoshan Skiing, Future Parent-child Rope Park, Jiuyanlou Ecological Great Wall Exhibition Area, Shuiguan Flying Over the Great Wall (7D) Cinema, Bairui Valley, Taiping Tianchi Natural Scenic Area, Legu Silver Beach , Society Mountain Jiayou Hot Spring, Shijia Courtyard, Apailang Children’s Music Creativity Park, Tianmo Film and Television Base and many other high-quality scenic spots.

5. Location of Fangshan Legu Silver Beach tourist attraction

Legu Silver Beach is as high as 200 meters above sea level. Legu Silver Beach’s “Qingyun Glass Plank Road” is 168 meters long, with an altitude of more than 200 meters. It looks like a dragon entrenched in the mountains, and has the charm of “flying as if left alone in the world, emerging as an immortal and ascending to immortality”.

6. How long does it take to visit Legu Silver Beach?

Open for business. The overall opening hours of the park are 9:00-22:00.

7. One-day tour guide to Fangshan Legu Silver Beach

Legu Silver Beach is not within the Sixth Ring Road of Beijing, but at Sandu in Fangshan District.

8. Tickets for Legu Silver Beach Attractions

I went to the talent event they organized at the end of May, but the water was still a bit cold at that time. If you go there during the Dragon Boat Festival, the temperature should be just right. I don’t know if the poster can accept exciting projects. Their rafting is quite good. The whole process is 3.8 kilometers. If there are many people, the whole process will take more than an hour. It is very exciting and fun.

We didn’t have a great time last time because it was a bit cold, so we didn’t have a water fight in the middle of the trip. We got down in more than 40 minutes!

9. Can I still go to Fangshan Legu Silver Beach?

Tickets are 38 yuan, free for seniors over 60 years old

Opening hours of Legu Silver Beach Scenic Area: December 25-April 6, 09:00-1630

April 7th – December 24th 08:30-17:00;

The scenic spot stops ticket checking half an hour in advance.

On the basis of maintaining the original green mountains and ancient trees, Legu Silver Beach has continuously carried out green renovation and developed Tingbu Bridge, Chaotiangou, Tianzi Peak, Jinchan Cave, Lover’s Valley, Peach Blossom Spring, Erlong Pond, Third Buddha, etc. There are many wonders and sights; at the same time, star projects such as Qingyun Glass Plank Road, Qingtian Glass Suspension Bridge, Alpine Valley Rafting, Cliff Crossing, Juma Flying Man, High-altitude Swing, Starry Sky Walk, and Time Travel have been built to enable tourists to experience it in depth The ingenuity of nature.

10. Guide to visiting Legu Silver Beach

It takes three hours to climb while walking and playing.

The Yintan Glass Suspension Bridge is 158 meters long and has an altitude of more than 300 meters. The bridge deck is made of glass and uses high-strength, impact-proof, tempered three-layer laminated glass, which is extremely strong, safe and reliable.

In addition to the “Galaxy” glass suspension bridge in the Legu Silver Beach Scenic Area, there is another thrilling “Cloud” glass plank road and “Yuntian” viewing platform, which allows people to experience the excitement and excitement of the strange peaks and steep mountains among the green mountains and beautiful waters. Shocking. This glass plank road has a total length of 168 meters, an altitude of more than 200 meters, a span of 2 meters, and a clear glass width of 2 meters. It can be called the longest, most dangerous, most thrilling, and largest glass plank road in North China.